UCL Faculty of Laws


Jack Beadsworth

Key Information

  • PhD details: Jack joined the Faculty of Laws in September 2021. His thesis is situated at the intersection of immigration law and labour law, interrogating the role of employers in the UK’s ‘Hostile Environment’ model of immigration control and the effect on the working conditions of irregular migrants. The thesis will examine the construction industry as an empirical case study. Jack’s research is supported by a Faculty of Laws Research Scholarship.
  • Qualifications: BA Jurisprudence (II.I) Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford; BPTC (VC) University of Law (called to the Bar November 2019); LLM Human Rights Law (Distinction) University of Bristol
  • Email: jack.beadsworth.21@ucl.ac.uk

Research Supervisors

Research Interests

Labour law, immigration law, human rights law, migration studies, socio-legal theory, exploitation.

Professional Experience

Prior to commencing his research, Jack worked as a judicial clerk at Gloucester Crown Court. 

Jack currently volunteers as an Advice Worker at the South London Refugee Association.

Alongside his PhD, Jack works as a Research Assistant on a UCL project, commissioned by the Director of Labour Market Enforcement, investigating the scale and nature of non-compliance with labour law amongst precarious workers in the UK. He also teaches Public Law and has worked as an LLM academic mentor.



  • ‘Hybrid Public Authorities: ‘Contracting Out’ and the Lacuna in the Protection of Human Rights’ (2019) 11 Gray’s Inn Student Law Journal
  • ‘Collective voice, irregular migrants and 'social' commodification’ (2022) UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, forthcoming