UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Mandarin level 5

Prerequisite for entry

Successful completion of Mandarin syllabus level 4+ at UCL Centre for Languages & International Education or a high GCSE level grade (or equivalent).

Term duration

10 x 2-hour classes.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the course is to enable students who already have a solid knowledge of Mandarin to become as fluent as possible. Students will be able to follow discussions and express their opinions in any given situation using linguistically complex and accurate structures. Cultural awareness will be further developed


The content of this syllabus will be similar to the content of level 4+, but students will work at an even higher level of linguistic accuracy  and complexity (near native fluency). Ability to master all previously studied functions in appropriate spoken and written register will be enhanced.

Course content

Main topics/themes to be covered:

The content of this course will be based around a reflection on the nature of contemporary society and current affairs including an analysis of the cultural dimension. The topic may include various current issues (as appropriate, depending on students’ interests).

Linguistic structures/ Phonetics

Recognising/understanding various accents.


The content of this syllabus will follow all grammar points that have been learned but at an even more complex and accurate level.

  • Accurate use of particles
  • Word order
  • Constructions
  • Fixed expressions

Learning resources


  • Course book: < A New China > ISBN 0691010455 ( second edition)
  • Authentic materials from various sources (newspapers, internet news articles etc…)

Reference Books

< Chinese - A Comprehensive Grammar > Yip Po-Ching , Don Rimmington , Routledge,  ISBN 9780415150323

Bilingual Dictionaries

Oxford Concise English Chinese/Chinese English Dictionary



In addition there are supplementary materials for self-study in the Self-Access Centre.