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Teaching and classes
Course credits and certificates


  • What languages do you offer? What levels do you offer?
    We teach French, German, modern Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish. Courses are taught from Level A1 (beginner) to C1 (proficiency). We may not be able to offer all levels of every language every term.

  • I’m not sure what level I should enrol for. What can I do?
    On our language pages, we list the syllabi of each level, and where they equate to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This will help you ascertain what material you have covered already. 
  • I’m still not sure. Do you offer assessments?
    We do, most of the time. If you wish to request one, please do so using the application form when you enrol (assessments are free of charge). At very busy times of year, we may not be able to offer assessments.
  • What if I enrol in the wrong level?
    You can normally move up/down a level, especially within the first two weeks, if you find the material too straightforward or too challenging. Please discuss this with your tutor in the first instance. Bear in mind this may involve moving from online to on campus or vice versa, or doing classes on a different day or time.
  • When do your classes run?
    Courses run for ten weeks. Classes run Mondays - Thursdays, 5 - 7pm, and 7 - 9pm.
    Term 1 (autumn): October-December;
    Term 2 (winter): January-March;
    Term 3 (summer): April-July.
    Check the term dates page for details. Evening courses do not have a reading week or a half-term break.

  • Where do your classes run?
    Some courses are face-to-face at UCL’s Bloomsbury Campus in London, and some are online.
  • How can I apply?
    Fill out an application form on our website. If enrolment is open and there is space left in your course of choice, you will be able to pay and enrol there and then using the online store.
  • When should I apply?
    As soon after enrolment opens as possible! We enrol on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • When does enrolment open, and when does it close? 
    Check the term dates page. Enrolment closes either when the class is full (see Teaching for class sizes) or at the date on the term dates page, whichever is sooner.

  • How much do courses cost?
    Check the fees page. We offer discounted rates for UCL, UCLH and UofL students, staff and alumni.
  • Can my children study with you?
    Participants must be 18 years of age or older in order to study with us.
  • Can I reserve a place?
    Places cannot be reserved without payment. Full payment must be received before your place is confirmed. 
  • Can I come to a taster class?
    We cannot offer taster classes.
  • Can I have private lessons?
    We cannot offer private lessons.

  • Can I reserve a place for a future term, or defer my place to next term?
    We enrol for one term at a time. If you buy twenty lessons or more, you will be automatically enrolled in the following term(s) as well, once they open, within the same academic year.
    You cannot defer your place to a future date; you would need to withdraw and reapply again later. 

  • Can I join partway through the term?
    We would not normally permit joining partway through the term. 
  • Can I take more than one course at a time?
    Provided you can attend and have paid for all the classes, then yes, you may enrol for more than one course at a time during the same term. 



  • I have accessibility needs and require adjustments to the classes or materials, what should I do?
    Before the first class, please contact us. If the course has already begun, please speak to the tutor directly to discuss how best to meet your needs, and they will liaise with us if necessary.
  • Are your tutors all native speakers?
  • How long are your classes? How frequently do they occur?
    Our classes are two hours long and occur once a week. Each course is ten weeks. (Please note UCL runs a 'short hour' policy, to allow students and tutors to move between classes.)
  • How big are the classes?
    Online classes are normally kept to a maximum of twelve participants, in order to allow the tutor to attend to each participant. Face-to-face classes may have up to fifteen participants.

  • What should I bring for face-to-face classes?
    For the first class, a notebook and pen, or a laptop/tablet, to take notes should suffice. The tutor will advise whether you need to purchase any textbooks or other materials, or to print out any handouts.
  • What do I need for online classes?
    Access to a laptop or PC with a fast, stable internet connection;
    A headset (recommended), or speakers and a microphone;
    A modern browser, upgraded to the latest version.
    We would also strongly recommend using a webcam in order to get the most out of the course. 
  • What should I do if I miss a class?
    Contact us and we can put you in touch with your tutor. This way, you’ll be able to convene and obtain any work you miss.
  • Can I sit in on another class if I miss one of my classes? 
    It is not possible to sit in on other classes or to attend on a drop-in basis.
  • Is there homework?
    Most tutors will set homework to complete between classes. It is recommended that you allow around two hours per week, in addition to your class, to study and complete any set work.

  • Are the classes recorded?
    Classes are not recorded. Please do not video, record or screen-capture any part of a class. 

  • Will I progress through the levels over the year?
    Normally participants progress by term (e.g., Level 1, then Level 1+, then Level 2), but you don’t have to stick to this. You can choose to repeat a level, or to enrol on a different course.

Course Credits

  • Can I get course credits from your evening language courses?
    No. The Modules team offers options for studying a language for credit as part of your UCL degree.
  • Can I get a certificate of attendance?
    Yes, if you have attended at least 70% of the classes on your course. If you would like a certificate, email us.
  • Will this show up on my UCL university transcript?
    If you have attended at least 70% of the classes on your course, you can request your attendance be recorded on your HEAR. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this.
  • Do your courses include an exam or qualification?
    Our courses do not have an exam and do not lead to a qualification, although they are accredited as CPD (see below).
  • What is CPD and are your courses certified for it?
    CPD - continuing professional development - means to learn, grow and develop throughout life, even after finishing formal education. Our courses are accredited by CPD UK. Provided you attend at least 70% of classes on your course, we can issue you a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this.


  • Can I pay in instalments?
    We cannot take payment in instalments.
  • Can I pay for a single class or private lessons?
    We cannot offer single classes, “taster” classes, one-to-one private lessons, or drop-ins.

  • Can I pay by invoice?
    We cannot take payment by invoice, purchase order or cheque. The Online Store takes most major credit and debit cards.

  • Can I pay in advance for next year?
    No, prices are set per academic year.

  • Are there any grants available for students?
    UCL postgraduate researchers who need to learn another language for their research may qualify for the DocSkills Language Support Fund

  • Do you offer discounts?
    UCL, UCLH and UofL students, staff, and alumni are all eligible for concessionary rates. Please check our fees page for further details and eligibility criteria.
  • What is your refund policy? What if I want to drop out?
    We have a strict refund policy which you need to read before enrolling. Please note that the terms and conditions vary depending on the concessionary rate you apply with.