UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Italian Level 2

Prerequisite for entry

Successful completion of Italian Syllabus 1+.

Students will be familiar with these grammar and linguistic structures.

Term duration

10 x 2-hour classes.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the course is to improve students’ elementary knowledge of Italian, to expand their vocabulary range, to learn new grammar structures and to enable them to communicate more confidently in everyday situations.


  • Talking about the family
  • Talking about the childhood and describing habits in the past
  • Giving an accurate physical description of a person and talking about his character
  • Organizing/proposing/expressing wish/making supposition/giving suggestions

Course content

Main topics/themes to be covered:

  • The Family
  • Childhood
  • Animals
  • Biography
  • Physical description and description of the character
  • The holiday: choosing the ideal partner, solving problems

Linguistic structures/ Phonetics

Basic rules of the pronunciation of spoken Italian.


  • Revision the main grammatical points seen in level 1+ Presente e Passato Prossimo.
  • Possessive adjectives.
  • Past (passato prossimo) of reflexive verbs.
  • “Imperfetto”.
  • “Imperfetto” and “passato prossimo” the contrast.
  • Comparative “come” and “quanto” (Carla è simpatica come/quanto Elena).
  • Verb “farcela”.
  • Transitive and intransitive use of “cominciare” and “finire”.
  • Verb “sapere”.
  • Verb “andarsene”.
  • Present conditional.
  • “Qualcuno” and “nessuno”.
  • Mentre + “imperfetto” in conjunction with “passato prossimo”

Learning resources

Course Books

  • Espresso 2. Libro dello studente ed esercizi. Chapters 1-3.
  • Handouts provided by the tutor.

Grammar Reference

  • New Italian grammar in practice. Ean: 9788861824287
  • Nuova grammatica pratica della lingua italiana. Ean: 9788861822474

Please note that the syllabus might vary according to class progress and availability of materials.
Do not hesitate to contact your tutor for further information.