UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Icelandic Level 1 plus

Prerequisite for entry

Prerequisite for entry: Basic knowledge of Icelandic (successful completion of Icelandic syllabus 1 at UCL Centre for Languages & International Education or other comparable studies). This course is not suitable for complete beginners.

Term duration

10 x 2-hour classes.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the course is to build on and strengthen students´ basic knowledge of Icelandic so they can function at a very basic everyday survival level (basic vocabulary and grammar). Students should be able to communicate in and understand Icelandic on a number of practical everyday matters.  Students will receive means to master the different sounds of the Icelandic pronunciation.


  • Describing people/your house/places
  • Talking about clothes; colours
  • Talking about work/leisure activities
  • Talking about present, future and past activities
  • Ordering food
  • Talking about house, furniture
  • The body parts
  • Making plans
  • The weather

Linguistic structures/ Phonetics

  • Solidifying the pronunciation of ll & nn
  • vowels before ng & nk
  • the double voiced plosives: dd, bb, gg.
  • the double unvoiced plosives: tt, pp, kk
  • Working on f & g
  • The difference between þ & ð
  • Tongue-twisters for r, soft g, different pronunciation of f


  • Weak and strong nouns in the plural, nominative
  • The definite article in the plural
  • Strong adjectives in the plural, nominative
  • Weak and strong verbs in the present, all 4 groups
  • The I-shift (B víxl) in strong verbs
  • The vowel-shift a-ö and ö-a in the plural
  • The present and past continuous
  • Sentence construction with auxiliary verbs for past, present, future (vera búinn að / var að / er að / ætla að)
  • The numbers 1,2,3,4 in masc, fem, neuter. Nominative.
  • The possessive pronoun with plural nouns
  • The personal pronoun in all cases
  • Impersonal verbs “að vanta”, “að langa” & “að finnast”

Learning resources


  • Course book: Colloquial Icelandic, Daisy Newman;
  • Learning Icelandic, Mál & Menning
  • Láki Jarðálfur, Dimmalimm, handouts
  • Teacher’s handouts
  • Online material from Bragi - íslenska


  • Glossaries from Colloquial Icelandic & Learning Icelandic
  • Íslensk ensk orðabók - Iðunn
  • Ensk-íslensk skólaorðabók – Mál & Menning

In addition there is a wide range of language learning materials for self-study in the Self-Access Centre.