Joint Research Office


Renewal of NIHR CRN funding

The Joint Research Office will now be reviewing and approving requests for the renewal of NIHR CRN funding (existing posts and like-for-like replacements).

The Central and East London LCRN will continue to review applications for new posts.

How do I apply for NIHR CRN Funding for the renewals of an existing post and for like-for-like replacement post for NIHR adopted studies at UCLH?

Researchers should complete the Application Form (Renewal of existing NIHR CRN funded posts at UCLH).

Read the activities and funding guidance.

When applying for CRN Delivery resource, please indicate your resource requirement as outlined in the CRN activities and funding guidance.

If you require support from our JRO Agile Delivery Workforce team, please fill out the online form.

What is the application process?

The JRO will review the form for completeness.  If a form is incomplete or if we require additional information, the form will be sent back with comments to the researcher.

The application will be reviewed by the Delivery Approvals Group (DAG).

The research team will be notified of the DAG’s decision in writing.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

Researchers can email the JRO Operations Manager, Sham Islam, via uclh.jro-communications@nhs.net. The DAG will consider appeals to any decisions with a timeline of no longer than 2 weeks.

Which posts/applications are eligible, and which are not eligible?

Currently researchers are eligible to apply for NIHR CRN funding when it is to renew an existing post and for like-for-like replacement posts.