Joint Research Office




The Joint Research Office (JRO) supports the development and growth of a high quality clinical research portfolio at UCL and UCLH. It works with UCLH, UCL and the UCLH BRC to ensure the portfolio is supported by the right expertise and the most effective and efficient systems for meeting regulatory requirements, performance targets and quality and safety standards.

The JRO also plays a key role in ensuring patients at UCLH have access to information on research studies and the opportunity to become involved in research at the Trust.

The JRO is a team of over 40 individuals and located at Maple House, close to UCLH main hospital and UCL main campus. Full details of the JRO teams and how to contact them can be found on the Contact Us pages.

Key functions

Set up of clinical research studies at UCL and UCLH

The JRO supports on average 130 new studies to sponsorship and regulatory approvals per year. This includes support from JRO expertise in regulatory submissions, protocol development and in research design, costing and contracting. This includes advice on data sharing, Intellectual property, medicinal products, pharmacovigilence, patient and public advice and collaborations with external parties.

The JRO also supports on average 300 studies new studies to open at UCLH per year. Its support includes feasibility assessments, costings and contracting. The JRO also works alongside key service support departments at UCLH to ensure adequate support, facilities and staff are in place to efficiently open and deliver studies.

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Quality and Safety

The JRO provides assurance to UCL and UCLH about the research portfolio. This includes auditing and monitoring, responding to incidents and supporting regulatory inspections and audits. The JRO also manages the UCL Sponsor Oversight Committee (SOC), and reports and/or advises on research matters to the UCL Clinical Research Governance Committee and to relevant UCL and UCLH Boards and Committees.

The JRO also provides a range of training opportunities to researchers - ranging from GCP through to bespoke sessions on IRAS and drop-in sessions for researchers to ask questions about regulations and systems.

Business Development

The JRO supports UCL and UCLH in its strategies to grow the portfolio of clinical research. It works alongside the BRC and key groups within UCLH and UCL to ensure systems are in place to  maximize performance and delivery of the research portfolio. The JRO expertise in financial management, IP and legal matters support the set-up of collaborations with industry and other external partners. The JRO data performance and finance teams produce regular activity and performance reports to inform future growth plans and assess performance against targets and requirements.

Patient and Public Involvement

The JRO, through its partnering with the BRC, provides expert advice on Patient and Public involvement for researchers at UCL and UCLH. It's activities include practical advice, training for researchers and opportunities for patients and the public to become part of research networks. The PPI team within the JRO/BRC also run annual research open days at UCLH for patients to be able to interact with some of the most cutting edge and innovate research technologies and studies at UCLH. 

Networks and Influence

The JRO works with a network of experts and services across UCL and UCLH to deliver quality and seamless research expertise. It is heavily involved with, and drives, research policy developments across UCL and UCLH and represents the clinical research portfolio at committees and boards within UCL and UCLH, as well as input to national consultations and policy matters.

Data Protection Statement

As a University,  UCL uses personally-identifiable information to conduct research to improve health, care and services. As a publicly-funded organisation, we have to ensure that it is in the public interest when we use personally-identifiable information from people who have agreed to take part in research. To read the full statement please visit our Data Protection page.    

Biostatistics Involvement

The JRO, through its partnering with the BRC, provides expert statistical advice and collaboration for researchers at UCL and UCLH. For further information please visit the Biostatistics group page.