Joint Research Office


UCLH/UCL Joint Research Office

Starting a new study

Starting a new study

Find out if your study requires a sponsor and approvals and permissions you need before you start. Access JRO support in regulatory advice, study set-up, NHS feasibility, contracting, PPI, statistics and IMP management.

Studies in progress

Studies in progress

Is your study in progress or close to completion? Find out how to make or implement amendments to the study, report any issues or incidents or seek support with financial management and invoicing.




Have a quick question or require some guidance? Refer to our frequently asked questions which covers topics ranging from IRAS applications through to funding, research passports and who to contact at the JRO.



The JRO supports researchers at UCL/H in the set-up and oversight of clinical research studies. The growing portfolio of high quality research aims to improve the lives of patients and the care provided.



UCLH is going to have a single, electronic health record system (EHRS) to further improve patient safety and experience. This means that our doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals will have access to all relevant patient information at UCLH in one place.


Brexit Notice

Important notice regarding Brexit for researchers who are PIs and CIs on UCLH Clinical Trials