Joint Research Office


Epic and Edge update for researchers recruiting at UCLH

29 May 2019

The JRO has released the following updates on Epic – UCLH’s electronic health record system – and Edge – UCLH and UCL’s study and trial management system.

-          Study teams no longer need to enter recruitment information into Edge, as the JRO data team will now transfer the information from Epic to Edge on researchers’ behalf. Though to comply with NIHR requirements, researchers will still need to input information for any NIHR portfolio adopted non-commercial studies onto the NIHR Central Portfolio Management System.

-          Researchers are no longer able to change the ‘study name’ they assign to a research project in Epic and Edge, once this study name has been set. Changes to the study name can impact on work flows (e.g. those relating to monitor release and investigational meds) and can make it harder for the JRO to effectively manage research studies.

-          As a reminder, we have put together the UCLH Standard Operating Procedure forResearch Monitor Access to UCLH EHRS (EpicCare Link UCLH) for researchers who need external monitor access to Epic. The only way to request an account is via the process outlined in the SOP. Further details are here.

-          We’d like to remind Principal Investigators to ensure that:

o   All research staff involved in the study have an up-to-date UCLH substantive or honorary contracts

o   All research staff involved in your study have completed the Epic Research add-on training, and provided evidence of this

o   No changes are made to the study short title in Epic following JRO registration

o   All other study details are still maintained on Edge until further updates are provided.

For further guidance and assistance, please visit the JRO website or e-mail uclh.randd@nhs.net.