Joint Research Office


JRO releases guidance on Research Monitor access to EpicCare Link UCLH

7 May 2019

The JRO has released guidance for researchers at UCLH on access to EpicCare Link UCLH by external sponsor monitors.

Guidance includes the standard operating procedure for access by monitors and monitor codes of conduct. Advice aimed at monitors on the use of EpicCare Link has also been published.

All documents can be found on the myUCLH page.

Guidance explains that all monitors are required to sign the ‘Research Monitors Code of Conduct’ prior to accessing electronic UCLH patient records, and that UCLH study teams are responsible for arranging this, in line with UCLH Information Governance and R&D requirements. The JRO will conduct regular compliance audits.

The JRO also advises that EpicCare Link accounts last for 90 days, as set out in Trust policy. To extend further, researchers can raise a ticket with the UCLH IT team.

Any questions can be sent to Mona Hassan, JRO Research Quality and Safety Manager (mona.hassan1@nhs.net).