Joint Research Office


JRO releases information on what researchers need to do at Epic ‘go-live’

29 March 2019

Epic at UCLH will go live at 05:00 this Sunday morning - 31 March.

Ahead of Epic go-live this weekend, the Joint Research Office has released information on everything researchers need to do at go-live for research studies, alongside everything researchers need to know about research for Epic.

A guide on using Epic for research studies can be found on a new, Epic-focussed section of the JRO website and advises researchers on actions at go-live such as making sure your study appears on Epic and ensuring all study details are correct.

It also outlines what researchers should do when they see research participants, including informing them of the move to Epic, and explaining that this move should not affect their participation in the study.

Our Epic page on the JRO website also provides guidance on Epic training, FAQs on Epic for research and a guide for researchers working on studies with external sponsors.

And importantly, it explains what to do if researchers require support on Epic.

During the first two weeks of Epic, researchers who require support should locate their local super user or clinical support centre, or make contact with the Research Support Centre for Epic go-live on 020 3447 5554 or 020 3447 2104.

The UCLH Research and Development intranet pages (link accessible via UCLH PCs) have been updated to include the same information, and also link to the March 2019 staff bulletin on Epic for staff across all departments at UCLH.