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Teaching spaces at Birkbeck FAQs

UCL staff and students can now make use of Birkbeck’s learning and teaching spaces. ISD is working to provide IT facilities in Birkbeck but there are some limitations you should be aware of.

Where are these teaching spaces located?

Fig 1. Locations map of teaching spaces at Birkbeck…

Three venues are being used:

  • The Birkbeck Main Building on Malet Street (building number 1 on the map)
  • 43 Gordon Square (building number 13 on the map) and
  • The Clore Management Centre, Torrington Square (building number 2 on the map)

These sites are all close to UCL’s Malet Place entrance.

Fig 1. Locations map of Birkbeck teaching spaces
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Which teaching spaces are available to UCL staff/students at Birkbeck?

The following teaching spaces are available for UCL staff/students.

These rooms are a mix of lecture theatres, classrooms and computer workrooms.

RoomAddressCapacityRoom type
MAL 109 (ITS)                          Malet Street92Computer room
MAL 251Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 252Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 253Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 254Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 255Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 351Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 352Malet Street20Classroom
MAL 353Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 354Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 355Malet Street25Classroom
MAL 404 (CSC)Malet Street40Computer room
MAL 405 (CSC)Malet Street30Computer room
MAL 413 (ITS)                          Malet Street27Computer room
MAL B18Malet Street60Theatre
MAL B29Malet Street30Classroom
MAL B30Malet Street40Classroom
MAL B35Malet Street125Theatre
MAL B36Malet Street123Theatre
CLO B01Clore Manageent Centre250Theatre
GOR G0143 Gordon Square30Classroom
GOR G0243 Gordon Square28Classroom
GOR G0343 Gordon Square28Classroom
GOR 11043 Gordon Square24Classroom
GOR 12043 Gordon Square22Classroom
GOR 32243 Gordon Square20Classroom
GOR Birkbeck CinemaCinema65Theatre
How do I book a teaching space at Birkbeck?

Teaching events have been allocated to the Birkbeck space as part of the annual academic timetabling process. Any available slots will then be offered as alternatives, should requested UCL rooms be unavailable. The Birkbeck rooms will not appear on the Room Bookings website initially.

Which teaching spaces are equipped with Lecturecast facilities?

Lecturecast facilities are installed and tested in the following teaching spaces:

Conference RoomAreaPeopleLayout
MAL B18Malet Street60Theatre
MAL B29Malet Street30Classroom
MAL B30Malet Street40Classroom
MAL B35Malet Street125Theatre
MAL B36Malet Street123Theatre
CLO B01Clore MC250Theatre
GOR Birkbeck CinemaCinema65Theatre

Note that not all input devices are recorded:

  • · The fixed PC provided image is always recorded.
  • · In B35, B36 and the Cinema, laptop inputs can also be recorded.
  • · The visualiser image provided is never recorded.
Who should I contact to schedule Lecturecast within the above teaching spaces?

Once a room booking has been confirmed, recordings can be scheduled directly via the Lecturecast booking page as with any UCL room.

More information and the booking form can be found at on the Lecturecast information page.

How do I access teaching applications on a Birkbeck PC?

If you require access to your UCL Desktop, UCL home network drive, a web browser, teaching and/or Microsoft Office applications, PDF’s and/or access to a USB Memory Stick:

1. Log in to any Birkbeck PC using the dedicated ‘ucluser’ account.

Details of this account can be obtained from departmental administrators, timetablers and from the Birkbeck Reception Team.

If you need to access files from a USB stick, then you should put this into the USB socket at this point, and then wait a few seconds before launching Desktop @ UCL Anywhere (see step 2). 

2. Open up the Desktop @ UCL Anywhere application on the desktop. Note that after clicking it can take up to 90 seconds for the window to appear. Please be patient and avoid clicking multiple times. The window may also load in the background, in which case press ALT-TAB on the keyboard to bring it to the foreground

3. Once the window has loaded, log in to the Desktop @ UCL Anywhere service with your usual UCL ID and password.

Note: The need to log in to both the Birkbeck PC and Desktop @ UCL Anywhere does increase the time required to reach your desktop and start any applications. This process will take approximately 3 minutes.

Applications on Desktop @ UCL Anywhere

Desktop @ UCL Anywhere gives you access to a wide range of applications, including many that are available on the Desktop @ UCL service found in UCL’s own computer workrooms, however not all teaching applications are available using Desktop @ UCL Anywhere.

Common applications found on Desktop @ UCL Anywhere include SPSS, Matlab and Reference Manager. However some others cannot be provided on Desktop @ UCL Anywhere for licensing or technical reasons.

If you are using more advanced teaching applications than Microsoft Office and web browsers, or have more sophisticated requirements, you are advised to check in advance with the ISD IT Services to see if those applications are available on the Birkbeck PCs through Desktop @ UCL Anywhere.

Help and support with PC applications

Can I print from Birkbeck PCs?

Print jobs can be sent via the Desktop @ UCL Anywhere service but physical printouts can only be collected via a Print @ UCL device located within a UCL building.

There is no facility to print from the Birkbeck-owned printers.

What do I do if the application I require is not available on Desktop @ UCL Anywhere?

In the first instance, please contact Room Bookings to check whether an alternative is available; offering alternative times where possible.

In the longer term, you can request to have the software made available by calling the ISD IT Services or Requesting new software for teaching devices.

How do I access the Solver command in Excel?

In Excel for Windows, if you don't see the Solver command or the Analysis group on the Data tab, you need to load the Solver add-in.

1. Click the File tab, click Options, and then click the Add-ins category.

2. In the Manage box, click Excel Add-ins, and then click Go.

3. In the Add-ins available box, select the Solver Add-in check box.  If you don't see this name in the list, click the Browse... button and navigate to the folder containing Solver.xlam.  Then click OK.

4. Now on the Data tab, in the Analysis group, you should see the Solver command.

What audio visual equipment is provided in these spaces?

Fig 2. An example of a control panel used in Birkbeck's teaching rooms…

The Birkbeck rooms have broadly similar audio-visual equipment as our own, with teaching PCs, data projectors or screens, Blu-Ray or DVD Players, VGA laptop connections and microphones where required. Note that Birkbeck rooms do not generally have visualisers.

Find out more information about the facilities available.

Fig 2. An example of a control panel used in Birkbeck's teaching rooms

View a larger version

Can I project from a laptop?

Yes. A VGA socket is provided in each space, with HDMI sockets in some areas.

Find out more information about the facilities available.

If you already have all the applications you require on your laptop, you may find using your own laptop easier than following the process above to access Desktop @ UCL Anywhere.

Note that laptops will only be recorded for Lecturecast in rooms B35, B36 and the Cinema.

Can I connect to the internet?

eduroam, is a free wireless (Wi-Fi) service which is available throughout the UCL Campus and at participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

All Birkbeck’s teaching spaces use eduroam wireless networking which works in the same way as it does at UCL. If your laptop or device already connects to eduroam at UCL then it should connect straight away. If you have not yet connected your device to eduroam, you should connect it to eduroam at UCL before attempting to use it at Birkbeck. 

User Name and Password: The domain name of your home institution must be specified when authenticating. This is to ensure your credentials are forwarded on to the correct institution e.g.[userid]@[domain] or zcxxano@ucl.ac.uk

eduroam is supported on any Wi-Fi enabled device. View our connection guides for instructions on how to set eduroam up on your device.

You cannot connect to the wired network at Birkbeck.

Who should I contact for technical support whilst using Birkbeck teaching spaces?

Whilst using the teaching spaces within Birkbeck, any technical issues can be reported directly to the Birkbeck ITS Services. Your query may be passed to the relevant UCL ISD technical team for investigation/resolution.

Tel: 020 7631 6220 (or extension 6220 from an internal Birkbeck phone)

Email: avtechnicians@bbk.ac.uk

If you experience technical difficulties while running an online exam in a Birkbeck space

please contact the UCL IT Services: email  ele@ucl.ac.uk or telephone 020 7679 5000 (internal: 25000).

Who can I talk to regarding the teaching spaces at Birkbeck?

Please contact Room Bookings at roombookings@ucl.ac.uk.