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Moderator Access to Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate (the new system replacing Wimba and Elluminate) enables you to run web-based sessions with your students using audio, virtual whiteboards, text chat and video.

Each tutor and student accesses the virtual room from a web browser on their own computer. The system can be used to run tutorials, lectures, meetings and other virtual events, although preference will be given to academic events.

There is one 100 capacity room available.

UCL is in the process of running a pilot of this system. To get involved contact the Digital Education Team.

Please abide by these rules when using the system:

  • Please check the calendar to ensure the room is free before entering.
  • If you enter the room while it is being used by others for a session (not just for testing purposes) please vacate it - you could try the other room instead.
  • Please use headphones if you wish to speak, as using loud speakers are likely to distort the audio feed for everyone else in the room.
  • Please test the system works on your computer well in advance of the session you are running (as you may need to install Java and restart your machine).

*Please ensure you use a headset, not a built in laptop microphone and speakers. If you don't have a headset you may need to avoid using the Talk feature, as loud  speakers can cause sound feedback for other participants and laptop microphones may pick up annoying background sounds.

Room capacity

Please note: The 50 capacity room is no longer available.  

View any of the recorded sessions.

100 capacity room

 *To allow participants to access the session, send them the relevant participant link (above) or if they are a UCL staff or student they can access the session from the participant access page.