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Moodle is UCL's centrally supported digital learning environment. As a hub of resources, interactivities, assessment processes and cohort management, a Moodle space is a digital representation of your module.

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Moodle resource centre

The Digital Education team provide a range of UCL specific guidance within the Moodle Staff Guides. Student guides for Moodle are also available.

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Why use Moodle?

Making use of Moodle's sequencing, layout, and targeted communications can help you to orient students and bring them into contact with texts, materials and each other in purposeful ways.

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Getting started with Moodle

Although you may have used Moodle elsewhere, UCL Moodle contains features specific to UCL. Find out about the UCL Moodle course life cycle, and how enrolments work.

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Help and support

The Digital Education team provide support and training sessions on Moodle. You can book to attend a specific training session or visit the 'Need help?' area below for specialist 1-2-1 support.

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This FAQ is to support staff with their use of Moodle at UCL. A similar FAQ guide for students is also available.

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Policies and Procedures

UCL Moodle is governed by a number of policies and procedures, including Data Protection and the UCL Connected Learning Baseline

Need help?

If you need assistance or have any questions with Moodle, please raise a ticket with IT Services desk and one of our specialist support team are here to help. If possible, please provide the following information:

  • Module Code and name;
  • Moodle module URL;
  • Activity name (if relevant);
  • Activity URL (if relevant);
  • Screenshots of the issue (if relevant).