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Discover how to keep your students engaged with interactive course presentations, real-time polling and web-based survey tools.

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*requires account. Opinio is only available to UCL staff and postgraduate students. Undergraduate students are advised to look at the review of web-based survey tools

Things to think about before designing a survey

Some guidance and suggestions for further reading on factors to consider when designing a survey or questionnaire.

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Opinio is a web-based Survey tool. If you are a Postgraduate student and want an account, you should fill out the Request Opinio account form ensuring you ask a member of staff to confirm their support before completing the staff sponsorship section of the form and submitting it. Find out more about how to use Opinio.

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Mentimeter is polling software that allows you to create interactive online presentations. Visit our resource centre, which provides training and guidance to get you started to make interactive online presentations, online polling, questioning and voting tool that you can use in your teaching.

Need help?

If you require support using Opinio or Mentimeter, please raise a ticket with the IT Services desk and one of our specialist support team will be able to help. Remember, in order to support you, to make sure to provide Service Desk with as information as possible, this includes links, screenshots etc.