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Digital assessment

Learn about the range of digital assessment tools at your disposal, including online exams, quizzes, group assignments, and Turnitin text-matching software. 


Explore Digital assessment tools

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AssessmentUCL can be used to deliver a variety of assessments including essays, quizzes, oral assessments, portfolio assessments involving multiple files/file types. It can be used for summative assessments by departmental assessments and is also used by the central assessment team to deliver timetabled assessments.  

Student support information can be found by visiting our AssessmentUCL guidance for students wiki guide. 

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Moodle assignments

Moodle Assignment lets you set, receive, mark, and give feedback on students' submitted work. 

Students support information can be found by visiting our Moodle assignment for submission and feedback student wiki guide.

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Turnitin is a platform for receiving, marking and giving feedback on assignments via Moodle. It can compare submitted work against a host of databases and highlight where similarities have been found in the text. 

Student support information can be found by visiting our Turnitin assignment for submission and feedback student wiki guide.

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Quizzes and exams

A Moodle quiz/exam is a useful way to test or evaluate students knowledge on a particular subject or area of study. It can be used for both formative and summative (credit-bearing) assessment.

Student support information can be found by visiting our Online Assessments student wiki guide.

Need help?

If you need assistance using Moodle assignments, creating online quizzes or exams or using Turnitin, please raise a ticket with IT Services desk and one of our specialist support team will be able to help. If possible, please provide the following information:

  • Module Code and name;
  • Moodle Exam URL;
  • Exam name;
  • Screenshots of the issue (if relevant).