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File storage

Information on how to access your documents when working remotely.

UCL Filestore

The primary filestore for all UCL staff and students is the N:drive personal filestore. This is a fully backed up and resilient service accessible either from the UCL Desktop or (if you can access the UCL network using the VPN service) a mapped network drive.

Additionally UCL staff have access to a shared S: drive for sharing files.

Access to these filestores in a remote working situation is either via the Desktop @ UCL Anywhere service or VPN

Please note: If you are saving files to your personal N: drive or shared S; drive you will need to connect to the network via VPN or Desktop @ UCL Anywhere periodically to ensure that your files are replicated onto the network and can be backed up.


Staff members at UCL are also provided with cloud storage via OneDrive for Business, allowing secure online storage of files you’re working on, and files you want to share with or collaborate on with others – like a co-worker or manager.

For more information see OneDrive for Business.

For guides on using OneDrive and links to training resources, please see our OneDrive Knowledge Base

OneDrive Clinics

OneDrive Clinics are on offer to UCL users, the aim of the OneDrive clinics is to provide 20-minute Teams sessions to discuss and provide information about the features, functionalities and benefits of using OneDrive to assist user understanding of the platform. To book a OneDrive Clinic session, please click here.

Important: You can access your files stored on your OneDrive accounts from any computer device that is connected to the internet i.e. you don’t necessarily need a UCL laptop or be connected to the UCL network. Simply log in to your Office 365 account.