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View another person's calendar in Outlook 2016 for Mac

You can view the availability of other people by opening their calendar within Outlook.

There are two methods to open an individual's calendar; by accepting a shared calendar invitation, or by using the 'Open Shared Calendar' feature. This guide demonstrates both of these methods to access a shared calendar.

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View a Calendar by accepting a Shared Calendar Invitation

If someone has shared a calendar with you, they may choose to send you a confirmation by using a shared calendar invitation. To accept and open the shared calendar, select the Accept and View Calendar button within the message.

Fig 1. Example of a shared calendar invitation
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View a Calendar using Open Shared Calendar

If you have not received a shared calendar invitation, open the calendar by performing the following:

1. In Calendar view, select the Home tab from the top ribbon. Select Open Shared Calendar.

Fig 2. Location of Open Shared Calendar option…

Fig 2. Location of Open Shared Calendar option
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2. An Open Calendar window will appear. Type in the name or email address of the individual’s calendar you wish to access within the provided search field and select the correct result. Select Open.

Fig 3. Open Calendar window…

Fig 3. Open Calendar window
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3.You may be provided with an auto-discover prompt requesting that you allow the remote server to configure settings within Outlook. Check the ‘Always use my response for this server’ box and click Allow.

Fig 4. Autodiscover message window…

Fig 4. Autodiscover message window
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4. The calendar should now be added to your calendar list under the Shared Calendars section. Make sure there is a tick next to the calendar name to view the calendar.

Fig 5. Illustration of an added shared calendar…

Fig 5. Illustration of an added shared calendar
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