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UCL Directory: How to become ex-directory

UCL staff and most visitors are included in the UCL Directory, provided they have a UCL e-mail address and/or phone number. This how-to guide covers how to request removal from the Directory.

This guide is aimed at:

  • Staff

Before you start…

Before making yourself ex-directory, please consider that:

  • It will be more difficult for colleagues to find and contact you.
  • Your details will also be removed from internal directories like the live @ UCL Global Address List. You will also find your email display name will be removed (this can be replaced by contacting the ISD IT Services).
  • Some UCL systems may have incomplete details for you or may hide information (for example, your IRIS profile will be hidden).

Note: Because it's important that your department knows that you are ex-directory (so that alternate arrangements can be made to contact you, if necessary, and to remove your details from departmental web pages), you will need authorisation from your Head of Department to become ex-directory.


Becoming Ex-directory:

The process for becoming ex-directory is:

Copy and paste the text below into a new e-mail:

Ex-Directory E-mail Request

Dear [insert head of dept here],

I would like to have my details removed from the UCL Directory.

If you concur with this request please forward this email to directory-corrections@ucl.ac.uk.


[Your name]

[Your department]

[Your UPI]

[If possible, please summarize your reasons for wishing to have your details removed - e.g. you are involved in sensitive research, or have personal reasons.]

Kind regards,

[Enter your name here]

Send the e-mail to your Head of Department.

Your Head of Department will authorise your change of status and forward the e-mail to the directory-corrections@ucl.ac.uk.

The Identity Applications Team will change your status and the directory will exclude your details from the following morning. The full UCL Ex-Directory Policy is available for download here.

Reversing the Process

If you can change your mind or your circumstances change and you decide you would like to reappear in the directory, take these steps:

  1. E-mail the Identity Applications Team stating that you no longer wish to be ex-directory. Make sure that you copy the e-mail to your Head of Department.

The Identity Applications Team will change your status and let you and your Head of Department know when that's done. Your details will reappear on the directory overnight.

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