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UCL Directory: Change your email/computer account details

You should only have only one personal UCL account and this should be associated with a 'friendly' email alias usually: firstname.surname@ucl.ac.uk (students will also have their year of enrolment in their alias).

This guide is aimed at:

  • Staff


Contact the ISD IT Services and to request a new mail alias. Keep in mind that not all combinations of first/last name and/or initials will be available as they may have been in used already.

I seem to have more than one account. How do I access or delete the other account?

This can happen if, at some point, you have been given 2 separate UPIs in error. Contact the ISD IT Services if you'd like the unused account closed.

Please quote the user ID that you'll find on the Directory Preferences and Changes page.

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Contact the ISD IT Services.


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