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How to change or add your phone number on the UCL Directory

This guide is aimed at:

  • Staff
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Before you start

Note: The Directory updates each night - so your changes will not be reflected until the day after you have made them.


You can use the Directory Preferences and Changes page to maintain your phone details if you already have a number listed.

If you don't have a number listed already, your Departmental Administrator will need to register your details with Telephony Services.

Changing your number

If you already have a number listed on the Directory, use the Directory Preferences and Changes page to request a change of number.

1. Request a change to your extension by typing your new number in the Internal and External boxes.

2. Click Submit.

Your request will be processed by the Telephony Services department, whose data then feeds back to the Directory. Your request may take a couple of days to complete.

Note: Phone information comes from the UCL Switchboard system and numbers are only displayed on the Directory once they've been correctly registered there.

Hide a phone number – if you have more than one

1. Next to the number you want to hide, click on the Exclude button.

2. Click Submit to save your changes.

Registering a new phone number

If you are a new member of staff, your Departmental Administrator should register your phone details with the Telephony Services. This is so that Telephony Services can be clear about which department is paying for phone lines.

Registrations can be done in two ways:

1. Departmental Administrators can register numbers using the Services System.

2. Alternatively, numbers can be registered by contacting the Telephony Services team directly.

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