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Institute of Sensorimotor Neuroscience

ISMN is a cross-departmental institute within UCL bringing together researchers with a common interest in sensory processing, motor control and sensorimotor integration

The Institute of Sensorimotor Neuroscience (ISMN) has experts in a wide range of fields applicable to the study of the neural control of movement and combines clinical, physiological, neuroimaging, developmental, psychophysical and computational approaches. In addition, the research at the IMN covers different motor systems, such as the eye, upper and lower limb, and balance. This broad approach allows an identification of the common themes of human neural function for motor control.

ISMN includes the following institutes and centres across UCL.

The following Groups from the core research groups of ISMN:

Director: Dr Anna Kuppuswamy

Activities of the Institute include a seminar series. Please find the 2020 calendar here. The seminar series is free to attend for those outside UCL, so please feel free to circulate. If you wish to be included in the ISMN email list please contact Ms Linda Taib - l.taib@ucl.ac.uk 

The Inaugural seminar  was held on  14th Nov 2019, 5pm (Prof Marc Schieber (University of Rochester)

We have to unfortunately cancel the March, May and June lectures in the ISMN seminar series. We hope to resume normal activity later in 2020. Also we are hoping to reschedule some of the lectures


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Future seminars - Time, venue and title: TBC

  • Cancelled: 16th July 2020 : Prof Eve Marder, Brandeis University, USA
  • 10th Sept 2020: Dr Robert Gaunt, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • 8th October 2020 : Prof Joel Glover, University of Oslo, Norway
  • 23rd October 2020 : Prof Roy Mukamel, Tel Aviv university, Israel