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Price List

TestsService included in the TestUnit


Cut-up and processing of tissueRegistration of demographic data and allocation of number, description, cut-up, cassette printing.Block£ 6.80
Sectioning (unstained)Slide labelling; 1 section per slide.Slide£ 1.80
H&E stainingDewax, stain, mount with coverslip.Slide£ 2.50
Special stainsDewax, stain, mount with coverslip. for example, Cresyl Violet, Luxol fast blue, Reticulin,Slide£ 5.90
Immunohistochemical stainDewax, stain with antibody**, mount with coverslip.Slide£ 15.00
Optimisation of new antibodyTitration, retrieval methods (including antibody cost).Antibody£ 220.00

High-resolution slide scanning

Scanners available:
Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S360
Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S60

Fluorescent Microscopy

Registration, scanning, storage and export. Includes 30-day storage of whole slide images on our secure server.


LEICA DM6B, please enquire for details

Brightfield standard slide***
Additional layer

Multichannel fluorescence standard slide
Fluorescent Jumbo slide****

£ 2.00
£ 0.50

£ 6.25

£ 12.50

Storage of whole slide imagesStorage on secure file serverSlide per yearno cost
Image analysis with QuPath
(Legacy projects with Definiens Tissue Studio)

File management, slide QC, development and validation of analysis algorithm, slide analysis, data processing, analysis summary report. Publication-ready data table and analysis summary report returned to the customer.

Hour£ 48.00
Setup and registrationRegistration and setup of experiments, for small sample sizes (less than 20 slides/blocks/tests/scans).Unit£ 35.00
Research support 

Searches for antibodies, evaluation, reporting, and specialist/research consultation, discussion of results.

Exception: named collaborations with FEC on grants.

Technical support, such as dissection of tissues or organs; performing hands-on experiments such as spatial transcriptomic, in situ hybridisation, TUNEL stain

Hour£ 55.00
Professional neuropathology assessment

Advice on biomarkers, classification or grading of diseases, neuropathological diagnosis of animal models. Histological assessment of human and experimental samples. Preparation, annotation of publication-ready panels, figure legends and results sections.
This applies to all assessments, collaborations, and is independent of co-authorship.

Exception: named collaborations with UCL-FEC on existing grants.

Hour£ 155.00
Semithin resin sections and electron microscopy

Technical support and prices please see our separate website:




* All prices are ex-VAT.
** Antibodies can be provided by the customer or purchased by us.
*** Standard slide size is 26 mm × 76 mm.
**** Jumbo slide size is 52 mm × 76 mm.
***** Billed 6-monthly.

Only UCL-internal orders (IDT), and research collaborations on joint grants are VAT Exempt. 

Industry projects: 35% in addition to the net prices listed above. Please enquire with Sebastian Brandner s.brandner@ucl.ac.uk.