UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Electron Microscopy

Location: Basement (Room B11), Queen Square House.

The electron microscopy unit provides expert services for the preparation of semithin resin sections, ultra-thin sections and electron microscopy grids, and teased nerve fibres.

Electron microscopy examinations of the grids are performed by our staff in the Camelia Botnar laboratories at Great Ormond Street hospitals.

Angela Richard-Londt, Head Biomedical scientist,
Email: angela.richard-londt@nhs.net
Dr Michael Groves, Biomedical Scientist
Email: m.groves@ucl.ac.uk / michael.groves@nhs.net

Examples of specimen preparations in our EM Unit

Peripheral nerve; semithin resin section, MBA-BF stain

Peripheral nerve teased fibre preparation
Peripheral nerve:  teased fibre preparation

Electron microcopy of a peripheral nerve (widely spaced myelin)
Peripheral nerve: Electron microscopy; widely spaced myelin.




Price List

Transmission Electron Microscopy sample preparation charges, includes one hour EM time per sample
Standard machine processing into resin, per run£40
Hand processing into resin, per run£100
Preparation of semithin section, each block£30
Preparation of set of stained grids, each block£45