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Current Awareness

Some methods you can use to keep yourself updated about new publications in your topic area are included below. Please contact us for support using these services.

Email updates for NHS staff using KnowledgeShare

KnowledgeShare is a service that will send you alerts about high impact publications in your areas of interest. The tailored alerts enable you to keep up to date with the latest high level evidence to support your professional practice, service development and research. KnowledgeShare is available to all UCLH staff, simply ask for a KnowledgeShare registration form at the Queen Square Library (contact us). Once you have completed the registration form Library staff will set up your alert.

Set up a Pubmed email alert (UCL & UCLH) 

  • enter your search in Pubmed and then click 'Create alert' underneath the search box.
  • login with your preferred sign-in details, or choose 'Sign up' at the bottom of the page to create a login.
  • give your search a name and choose 'Yes' if you want to receive email updates / 'no' if you do not. For alerts, you will be offered a choice of frequency and format for the email.
  • to amend or cancel an email alert, login using the link at the top right-hand corner of the PubMed home screen.

Set up a Web of Science email alert (UCL)

  • go to Web of Science, logging in with UCL credentials when prompted. 
  • enter your search as usual and then click 'History' at the top of the screen.
  • click the bell icon alongside the search you wish to use for the alert.
  • log into your Web of Science personal account (NB: your UCL login details will not work, you need to click 'Register' if you have not already set up a Web of Science personal account).
  • complete the form, choosing the options you require and 'Save'.

Set up an OvidSP email alert (UCL & UCLH)

  • access your chosen Ovid database via our databases page
  • enter your search as usual and then click 'Search History' near the top of the screen to view the search steps you have taken.
  • you can save either individual search steps or your whole search history (to save individual steps, use the tick boxes to the left click of each step, to save the whole history, click 'Save Search History' at the bottom right of the list of search steps.
  • give your search a name and change the setting from 'Permanent' to 'AutoAlert (SDI)' using the drop-down menu
  • complete the form, choosing the options you require and click 'Save'.