UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


User Survey 2020 : Questions

The survey asked 6 questions, plus a question asking each respondent to choose a 'user type'. Questions 4 and 6 were optional. Users could provide their details to be entered into a prize draw.

Q1. How satisfied are you with the services currently offered?

We asked respondents to select their level of satisfaction using the following options: excellent; good; satisfactory; needs improvement (or 'not applicable' if a service had not been used by the respondent). If they answered "needs improvement" for any of the below, they had the option to provide further details.

  • Range of print books    
  • Range of print journals   
  • Access to UCL wifi (Eduroam)
  • Access to electronic books    
  • Access to electronic journals via Library PCs
  • Access to electronic journals remotely
  • Access to databases (e.g. MEDLINE, Web of Science)    
  • Inter-library loans    
  • Library catalogue    
  • Library website    
  • Helpfulness of staff    
  • Knowledge of staff    
  • Support for finding information
  • Literature searching
  • Study space    
  • Library environment (lighting, heating, furniture etc)    
  • Library training sessions    
  • Access to UCL computers in the Library
  • Access to UCLH computers in the Library
  • Printing and photocopying   
  • Opening hours    
  • Library presence in social media (e.g. twitter)    

Q2. How do you rate the Library service overall?

We asked respondents to grade the Library Service on a scale ranging from 'excellent' to 'needs improvement'. If they answered "needs improvement" for any of the below, they had the option to provide further details.

Q3 For which purpose(s) have you used Library services and resources?

  • Supporting individual patient care  
  • Developing clinical guidelines/pathways  
  • Service development   /planning
  • Research project  
  • Audit
  • Patient information
  • Collaborative working/sharing information with colleagues
  • Personal or professional development
  • Teaching or presentations
  • Exam preparation 
  • Other

Q4 Please give an example where the Library had an impact on your work or has helped to improve patient case, for example changing treatment decisions, reducing unnecessary procedures or referrals, improved safety, time or cost savings.

Q5. Which of the following should the Library focus on as a priority?

We asked respondents to select up to three options

  • Physical computers
  • Wireless
  • Library opening hours
  • Printed books
  • Printed journals
  • Electronic books
  • Electronic journals
  • Inter-library loan service (books and articles from other libraries)
  • Literature searching services (searches conducted for users by Library staff) 
  • Providing a quiet study space
  • Training sessions (for help using databases etc)
  • One-to-one research support
  • Social media (e.g. the library on facebook, twitter etc)
  • Patient information resources on Library website 
  • Other (this gave respondents an option to suggest their own priority area)

Q6 Are there any other comments you would like to make about the library?