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Please help us to continually improve and develop our services by giving us feedback. Our responses will be displayed below. We also welcome book suggestions. We aim to carry out surveys every other year; the last one was in January 2018 and you can see the full results on our surveys page.

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  • in our suggestions box in the foyer
  • by post: Queen Square Library, 23 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG, UK (internal box no.74)


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Your recent comments

Here are some of the compliments we have received recently in our suggestions box. Please see our surveys page for further comments.

You can also see interviews with Library users in our video

Suggestions from our recent survey (and our responses) are further down this page.

Library comments box:

  • "Best Library in London!"
  • "This Library is the best part of my UCL spaces experience. it is clean, well kept with large desks and big wondows for natural light. It would be amazing if you prolonged the opening hours during the day and also weekends. it is perfect!"
  • "I have been at UCL for four years, yet this is the first time I've been touched by a librarian's gesture. I wish I had known about this Library sooner"
  • "I just love this library. The ambience provides the perfect study environment and the staff are just amazing, always ready to help. Thank you." SpR NHNN
  • "Amazing place, amazing people, amazing resources. Absolutely my favourite Library in London" IoN staff
  • "This Library is a rare gem. So lovely. So peaceful. A place where you can actually think and feel and be creative. The silence is rejuvenating. Please don’t ever take it away…"  NHNN staff
  • "This is one of the most organised, well set out Libraries I’ve been to. Thank you to the Librarian who showed me around and for the use of it made available to NHNN staff".
  • "This is the most calming, respectful, serene library I’ve been to. What’s more, the staff are the most welcoming and friendly. They always greet you, deal with your needs hastily and respectfully and meet any request thrown at them. Thank you for the effort to make this a beautiful place to learn". IoN student
  • Wonderful being shown around the Library and the facilities that you have here. Particularly impressed by the easy switch between the Queen Square Library and UCLH computers. Loved the water fountain too….Very well thought through”. Doctor
  • “Best study room UCL offers. Love the comfy chairs as well! Huge desk, internet connection, your own privacy and space. It’s perfect. And all the books you need nearby!”
  • “very helpful staff. Good selection of resources” – OT
  • “Thank you for a fantastic tour and introduction from a truly enthusiastic and valuable librarian” MRes student.
  • "I have been coming to this library for 4 years and have never encountered the level of support and service offered here elsewhere. Keep up the good work!" Research postgrad.

Your Questions

You Say:We Say:
More quiet study space

Space is at a premium in Queen Square, and as part of our refurbishment in 2010 we maximised the use of space, increasing the number of study spaces by a third, and fitting in as many multi-purpose facilities as possible. We monitor usage and know that the occasions where there are no seats available is very rare.

We will continue to monitor usage, including the impact of the refurbishment of no 7 Queen Square, which has provided more capacity for study space within the Square.

Longer opening hours

Unfortunately, extending library opening hours is not currently feasible due to the absence of a security presence at 23 Queen Square.

We will continue to monitor our usage, and investigate  submitting a bid to Library Services for extended opening hours.

Registered library users can also use all the UCL libraries, many of which have longer opening hours.

Improve wifi in Library

We were aware of this issue in 2014, and it was reported by users in our 2014 survey, which resulted in installation of new Eduroam equipment.

However, we are aware that (due to thickness of the walls) Eduroam access can be reduced in parts of the Library and will investigate the potential for adding an additional hub in the large side room. We encourage our users to let us know if they do experience difficulties with our wifi connection.

2019 update: we have had two new hubs installed to ensure reliable wifi throughout the library

Improve printing and copying facilities in Library

We investigated the possibility of installing ISD multi-functional devices when they were rolled out in 2013, however, this is not currently possible, as our computers would not be able to print to them. A move to fully UCL networked PCs would also mean that our NHS users would not be able to access them.

IoN students also have access to two new Cluster rooms at no. 7 Queen Square, whose computers have access to Print@UCL.

2019 update: we now have a print@ucl device for use by phones, tablets and laptops

Improve social media presence

The Library has an active twitter account, which doubled its followers between 2015 and 2017, and is included on all our publicity and in email signatures/website footers.

We utilise existing Instagram accounts, e.g. the Faculty of Brain Sciences and UCLH Arts and heritage, as required, but will consider setting up our own account, e.g. for promoting exhibitions and events.