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Digital Accessibility regulations 2018

Accessibility Regulations 2018 require that digital content on public sector websites, including universities, is fully accessible by everyone, with existing sites expected to be compliant by September 2020.   

The content the regulations cover includes:

  • Websites and intranets;
  • Documents on websites and intranets;
  • Videos and multimedia content.

Exemptions: Recorded media (live video, skype, Lecturecast) published before 23 Sept 2020; Live audio and video; Third party content that UCL didn’t pay for or develop (e.g. external social media content); Heritage collections – e.g. scanned manuscripts; Online maps ; Archived websites if they are not needed for services we provide:

  • Public-facing websites: New or updated content published on or after 23 Sept 2018 has to comply by 22 Sept 2019.  Existing sites (published before 23 Sept 2018) must comply by Sept 2020. 

  • Intranets (including Moodle): content published on or after 23 Sept 2019 to comply with the requirements of the regulations on publication.

IoN accessible templates

with acknowledgements to UCL Library Services. Please contact sarah.lawson@ucl.ac.uk if you require the potx or dotx files