UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Electron Microscopy

Location: Basement (Room B04), Queen Square House.

The facilities of this inter-departmental Unit are shared with the Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

The Unit offers comprehensive facilities for specimen preparation and use of Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopes.

A full technical service is provided for non-EM users from Departments within the host Institutions and from outside.

The Electron Microscope Suite houses the Jeol 1200EX and Jeol 120CX Transmission Electron Microscopes, the Philips CM10 Transmission Electron Microscope and the JSM35 Scanning Electron Microscope. In addition, the adjacent Preparation Laboratory Area provides several ultramicrotome bays and work areas. Lynx automated tissue processors and two recently acquired Reichert-Leica AFS systems are available for the preparation of samples for TEM and SEM examination.

The Unit is equipped with SIS Olympus digital cameras.

Contact: Kerrie Venner, Technical Manager

Telephone: 020 344 84287

Email: k.venner@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Mike Groves, Biomedical Scientist

Telephone:  020 344 84220

Email: m.groves@ucl.ac.uk / michael.groves@uclh.nhs.uk

Examples of specimen preparations in our EM Unit

Peripheral nerve; semi thin resin section, MBA-BF stain

Peripheral nerve teased fibre preparation

Peripheral nerve:  teased fibre preparation

Electron microcopy of a peripheral nerve (widely spaced myelin)

Peripheral nerve: Electron microscopy; widely spaced myelin)




Price List

Transmission Electron Microscopy sample preparation charges, includes one hour EM time per sample
Standard machine processing into resin, per run£40
Hand processing into resin, per run£100
Preparation of semi thin section, each block£30
Preparation of set of stained grids, each block£45
Scanning Electron Microscopy sample preparation charges, includes one hour EM time per sample
Machine processing of sample, critical point drying (including consumables and 2 hours SEM examination time), sputter coating with gold£180
With Osmium thiocarbohydrazide treatment£200
Additional time on TEM or SEM and use of ancillary preparation equipment (VAT free)
Per hour£40
Per day£300
Per half day£150
Tuition on TEM and SEM and Processing methods
Per hour£35
Examination of grids by us 
Per hour£65
Nerve teasing 
Per specimen£65
Per hour£48
Other technical procedures, such as dissection 
Per hour£35