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Celebrating 120 years of transforming lives and society.

To mark IOE's 120th year, in 2022 we delved into the history of our work in education, culture, psychology, and social science, exploring how each decade has reflected and contributed to changes in individuals’ lives and society on a global scale.

IOE is UCL's Faculty of Education and Society


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Our work covers education, culture, social policy, sociology, economics, psychology, communications and media, and the interrelations between them.

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By focusing on people and knowledge, we keep up with a radically changing society and influence it positively – leaving a lasting impact on the nation and wider world.

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We build collaboration, curiosity and courage by leaning into uncomfortable conversations, championing education and equity, and encouraging a thirst for knowledge.

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IOE has a legacy of excellence stretching back 120 years. We influence tomorrow’s world by championing collaboration, cross-pollination, and progress.


IOE stories. For Life.

Teenage girl using laptop with white text ‘Building Skills. For Life.’

Building skills for the future

Major advancements in technology are changing the world of work and global economies, making it essential for people to learn new skills to meet the evolving needs of the future.

Child’s legs jumping on wooden blocks in a school playground with white text ‘Confronting disadvantage.’

Tackling food poverty

How we're working to raise awareness and change government policies so that children no longer have to experience food poverty.

Young people in conversation looking at laptops with white text ‘Equality. For Life.’

Addressing unstable employment

Inequalities between different ethnic groups remains a critical issue in the UK millennial workforce, with impacts for their mental health.

    Secondary school pupils raising their hands in class with white text 'Beginning conversations.'

    Exploring the politics of education

    Recent global events have sparked concern about democracy’s continued existence, raising questions about how we teach democratic values.

    Small child standing in front of chalkboard with yellow fingerprint and 120 roundel

    Getting the best start

    An increase in inspection and testing in early years education leads to questions about what the advantages and aims of early years education are.

    Nurse placing sticker on patient following vaccination with 120 roundel and white text 'Using evidence. For Life'

    Mapping evidence for COVID-19

    Making the latest health evidence accessible to inform government policy formation and implementation in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Watch UCL President and Provost Dr Michael Spence and IOE Director and Dean Professor Li Wei discuss IOE's past, present and future.

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