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IOE120: Shaping education and society through culture

This IOE120 Conversation focuses on the expertise of our Department of Culture, Communication and Media.

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This roundtable discusses major themes at the intersection of culture, education and society. It variously covers the changing status of language, art and other cultural subjects in education, the rise of digital making, the impact of technology on learning and society, and inequality in cultural representation.

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Segment timings

SegmentTime stamp
Language learning and language use Professor Andrea Révész0:02:29
Communication and health Professor Jeff Bezemer0:12:33
Learning and technology Professor Kaska Porayska-Pomsta0:27:48
Technology and music Professor Evangelos Himonides0:48:36
Digital media Professor John Potter1:05:58
Teacher education and classroom research Professor Caroline Daly1:23:22

About the Department of Culture, Communication and Media

The Department of Culture, Communication and Media explores culture in relation to education and society. The Department's work explores questions such as: How do we teach and learn cultural technologies and make sense of cultural artefacts? What do people do with language, literature, drama, media, games, film, art, design, and music? How do we communicate with different means of expression? How do technologies shape learning and society? And, how do these questions play out in schools, museums, healthcare, and the workplace? 

About the panel

Professor Jeff Bezemer

Professor Jeff Bezemer is Professor of Communication, Head of the Department of Culture, Communication and Media and Vice-Dean (Health) at the IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. He researches interprofessional teamwork in healthcare settings and has published extensively on social interaction and multimodal communication.

Read Professor Jeff Bezemer's research profile.   

Professor Caroline Daly

Caroline Daly is Professor of Teacher Education and Director of the Centre for Teachers and Teaching Research at IOE. She researches in teacher education and professional learning for Early Career Teachers. Caroline taught in secondary schools before teaching on the English PGCE programme at IOE and taking a leadership role on the blended Master of Teaching programme. In recent years she has held leadership roles on teacher education development projects with a number of universities in England and Wales and is a member of the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) executive committee.

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Professor Evangelos Himonides

Evangelos Himonides is a Professor of Technology, Education, and Music at IOE. He supervises a number of doctoral and post-doctoral students and lectures on Music Technology and Information Technology. Evangelos also leads the postgraduate courses "Music Technology in Education" and "Choral Conducting, Leadership and Communication" available under the Music Education MA. Evangelos has developed UCL's first ever course in Music, called Interactions of Music and Science, which has been offered under the Bachelors of Arts and Sciences (BASc), since 2017.

Read Professor Evangelos Himonides's research profile.

Professor John Potter

John Potter is a Professor of Media in Education at IOE, based at the UCL Knowledge Lab.

John's research, teaching and publications are in the fields of new literacies, media education, play on- and off-screen, theories of curation and agency in social media, and the changing nature of teaching and learning in the context of digital media.

Previously, John worked as a primary school teacher in Tower Hamlets, having trained as a teacher at IOE. He later worked as a local authority education advisor in Newham and a teacher educator at both Goldsmiths College and the University of East London. He is an executive member of the Media Education Association, a member of the research committee of the UK Literacy Association and a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Most recently he has been directing the Play Observatory, a project exploring the impact of the pandemic on children’s play, with IOE, CASA and Sheffield University as partners. An exhibition with the Young V&A has just been launched featuring submissions to the observatory. See www.play-observatory.com for further details.

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Professor Kaska Porayska-Pomsta

Professor Kaska Porayska-Pomsta holds an MA Joint Honours in Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence (1997 - thesis topic: Polish-English Machine Translation) and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (2003- thesis topic: Natural Language Generation for educational feedback), both from the University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics. Prior to joining IOE in 2006 as a Research Councils UK Academic Fellow, Kaska worked as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics.

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Professor Andrea Révész

Andrea Révész is a Professor of Second Language Acquisition at IOE. Her main research interests lie at the interfaces of second language acquisition (SLA), instruction and assessment, with particular emphases on the roles of task, input, interaction, and individual differences in SLA. Currently, she is also working on projects investigating the cognitive processes underlying second language speaking and writing performance. She serves as associate editor of Studies in Second Language Acquisition and is Vice-President of the International Association for Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT).

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