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Equality, diversity and inclusion statement

Equality, diversity and inclusion statement from the Organisational Development team.

Inclusion and equity of opportunity is at the core of Organisational Development's approach to any intervention, working closely with UCL’s Office of Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) and equality networks. We are committed to supporting staff members, teams and communities to thrive and progress, through building capability in leadership and through enabling and challenging allies to commit to action.

Current development activities

  • UCL Emerging Leaders - a high potential leadership development programme for Black, Asian and marginalised ethnic staff at grades 5, 6 & 7.

  • Women in Leadership and Senior Women in Leadership - leadership enhancement programmes offered to women at different stages of their careers.

  • Inclusive leadership: talking about race. A new leadership development programme focused on leaders of all ethnicities.

  • Learning and Development Academy. We are integrating the established 'Taking the Lead' programme into all leadership development programmes, and will also offer a new antiracist e-learning module and guidance on being an ally through the Academy.

  • Lead at UCL - a new online toolkit for all leaders & managers, will incorporate guidance on leading inclusively and supporting your team.

  • Coach at UCL - we are developing a network to offer internal coaching provision, with particular and immediate focus on staff that are underrepresented at senior levels

  • We will continue to offer interactive sessions on Tetramap, the communication framework, to promote team development and team diversity.

  • We will build on the UCL Ways of Working to ensure a common understanding of values and behaviours that apply across the wider community.

  • Work with existing Communities of Practice to explore opportunities for promoting inclusive practice.