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UCL Heritage Imaging Workshop

The UCL Heritage Imaging Workshop aim is to bring together all practitioners and aspects of imaging involving heritage, conservation and/or artifacts within the UCL community.


Heritage Science and Engineering Network and Centre for Digital Humanities Joint Tour of the UCLDH Digitisation Suite

Heritage tour

The Heritage Science and Engineering Network and Centre for Digital Humanities Joint Tour of the UCLDH Digitisation Suite was very pleased with the success of this event on the 19th of February 2020.   

A big thank you to Tabitha Tuckett and her team from UCL Special Collections for the wonderful displays, video and talk. 

As Co-Organizer Prof Adam Gibson noted we were very pleased with the range of people attending and delighted to learn of possible collaborations and partnerships moving forward. 

 We are in the process of planning another 'tour/visit' to another 'Imaging' facility at UCL this time at Here East in the next academic term.

We are in the early stages of planning this visit and would like to gauge interest of those who would be willing to travel to Stratford. Please get in touch via email if you would like to be added to our next tour list. 

      UCL Heritage Imaging Workshop

The Heritage Science and Engineering Network is pleased to have been involved in co-organising the first ever Heritage Imaging Workshop at UCL which took place on Wednesday 6th November.

The aims of the workshop were to identify those interested in heritage imaging across UCL and to discuss ways in which we might be able to coordinate expertise and resources to maximise UCL’s impact in this area. Speakers represented five Faculties  as well as UCL Culture and UCL Libraries and spoke about imaging research, facilities and the role of imaging in heritage.

It was decided that we would create a mailing list to help interested staff to communicate about heritage imaging opportunities, that we would organise future events that might include visits to facilities and museums, and that we would investigate mechanisms for potential shared MSc/MA/BA/BSc projects and dissertations.

The Heritage Imaging workshop was organised by Prof Adam Gibson, UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, Prof Simon Mahony, Director of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, Dr Tom Gregory, UCL Institute of Archaeology and Dr Charlene Murphy, UCL Heritage Science & Engineering Network Coordinator.

Those interested in being involved in future Heritage Imaging events and mailing list should email the HSE Network Research Coordinator.


Prof May Cassar
Prof May Cassar giving the Introductory Remarks at the UCL Heritage Imaging Workshop. 

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/Player/81208869

The Heritage Imaging workshop was co-organised in collaboration with Prof. Adam Gibson, UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, Bartlett, Simon Mahony, Director of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, and Dr. Tom Gregory, the Institute of Archaeology

Dr Tom Gregory
Dr. Tom Gregory, Insitute of Archaeology

Dr Tabitha Tuckett, UCL Libraries
Dr. Tabitha Tuckett, UCL Libraries.

Catriona Wilson, Petrie Museum.

Prof Tim Weyrich, Department of Computer Science.

Dr. Matt Davis, BEAMS Director of Research Coordination & Planning.

Dr. Josep Grav-Brau, Institute of Sustainable Heritage.

Prof Dorian Q Fuller, Institute of Archaeology. 


Those interested in being added to the mailing list for Heritage Imaging should email the HSE Network Research Coordinator.