UCL Centre for Digital Humanities


Digitisation Suite

UCLDH coordinates the UCL Multi-Modal Digitisation Suite, which is a shared facility for teaching and research in digitisation technologies.

The digitisation suite is a joint endeavour between UCL Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences, and UCL Library Services. Support for teaching and training is provided by UCL Department of Information Studies, and IT support is generously provided by the UCL Department of Computer Science. The main aim of the suite is to provide a space in which people can learn, research, and experiment with digitisation technologies.


Book digitisation in progress at the UCLDH Multi-Modal Digitisation Suite

The suite is fully set up with state of the art capture for both 2D and 3D objects. We have a range of cameras, flat bed scanners, microfilm and microfiche digitisation facilities, a 3D scanner, and facilities to convert audio and video to digital formats. These facilities are available for taught courses, such as the Introduction to Digitisation module in UCLDIS, and are regularly used by PhD students and researchers working in this area. We also offer a 4-day training course in Reflectance Transformation Imaging.

The UCL Multi-Modal Digitisation Suite was conceived as a teaching and research facility. We work closely with the Photography Team from UCL Digital Services who run a 2D digitisation service: they will be able to assist you if you have items that you wished to have digitised for your research or your teaching, from one-off items to large scale digitisation projects. We are pleased to offer an advanced imaging service, including RTI and Multispectral Imaging, for detailed examination and analysis of cultural heritage objects.

Access to the suite is prioritised for those connected with UCLDH and the faculties and departments that have contributed to the facility. Training is needed before being allowed to access the suite without supervision (the costs of which have to covered by those requiring training). For any queries on how to access this facility please email Lucy Stagg, Coordinator for UCL Centre for Digital Humanities at lucy.stagg@ucl.ac.uk.