UCL Centre for Digital Humanities



The UCL Centre for Digital Humanities contributes to and holds a variety of events. A full listing of public events is available on the Events Calendar. Centre colleagues and members of the public are also invited to join our UCLDH Seminars and the prestigious Susan Hockey Lecture.

Code of Curtesy

Our events offers a space for us to think and explore together. Speakers and attendees both contribute to making the event a success. We value and encourage all points of views expressed in order to build a constructive dialogue.  In this spirit, in person, over chat, or in Q&A functions at virtual events, questions should be asked with the respect and generosity that promotes dialogue, not shuts it down. In the highly unusual circumstance that questions are asked in a way that is disruptive, offensive, aggressive or otherwise unacceptable we will take appropriate steps, which may include asking the questioner to leave the seminar.