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Council: membership

Information regarding the membership of the UCL Council, including roles and responsibilities and registered interests.

Council members

Meet the Council members - Ex Officio members (3)  |  Appointed members (11)  |  Elected members (6) 

And find out more about the workings of the council.

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Appointed members

11 members (not employees of UCL or students) are appointed by Council. 

Dominic Blakemore
Dominic Blakemore (since 2015) 

Roger Blundell
Roger Blundell (since 2023) Treasurer

Victor Chu
Victor Chu CBE (since 2019)


Photograph of Mr Phil Clark
Phil Clark (since 2022)

Tina Harris
Tina Harris (since 2022)

Tania Zulu Holt
Tania Holt (since 2022)

Lindsay Nicholson
Lindsay Nicholson (since 2023)

Turlogh O'Brien
Turlogh O'Brien CBE (since 2018)

Lord Sharkey
Lord John Sharkey (since 2017)

Justin Turner
Dr Justin Turner KC (since 2017)

Sarah Whitney
Sarah Whitney (since 2017)


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Elected members

3 Professors elected by and from the professorial members of Academic Board.

Photograph of David Attwell
Professor David Attwell (since 2023)

Stephanie Bird
Professor Stephanie Bird (since 2021)

John Butterworth
Professor Jon Butterworth (since 2021)

3 non-professorial academic staff elected by and from the elected non-professorial academic staff members of Academic Board.

Alun Coker
Dr Alun Coker (since 2019)

Photograph of Dr Sandra Leaton Gray
Dr Sandra Leaton Gray (since 2023)

Helen Roberts
Professor Helen Roberts (since 2019)

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Workings of the Council

The Chair is appointed from among the Council's appointed members for a term of office to be determined by the Council. The term of office of the Chair shall not normally exceed five years.

Roles and responsibilities

Register of member interests

University Secretary

David Pacey
David Pacey


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