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Urban alliances for global urban justice II: Addressing ‘displaceability’ in globalising cities

A project exploring collaborative knowledge and urban innovations across global north and global south contexts. Part of the Cities partnership Programme.

23 September 2022

This project builds on activities delivered through the Cities Partnerships Programme Fund 2019/2020.

This extension builds on the above partnerships and research focus to a third related activity: zooming onto a particular facet of alliances towards the just city - aiming to address ‘displaceability’ - while also expanding the project to include new partners, such as Colombo, Tel Aviv, and Cairo. Just as in the previous proposal, the intention is to utilise the Cities Partnerships Programme seed fund to enable the drafting of a comparative research grant proposal, to be submitted to the ESRC or British Academy. 

Tentatively entitled “Urban alliances for global urban justice: Exploring collaborative knowledges and urban innovations to address ‘displaceability’ in globalising cities”, the project effectively sits at the interface of collaborative work with Just Space and researchers in Paris, towards the development of a comparative research agenda on displaceability (modes, drivers and resistance to displaceability). The intention is to develop a comparative research project to help excavate the growing phenomenon of displaceability and develop place-based and rigorous analytical capacity to support resistances and more just urban futures.


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