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The second city added to the programme in 2019 and is already embarking on projects with 20 partners.

In the first year of the Paris programme, the programme is funding:

  • 19 multidisciplinary projects
  • with 20 partners. 

This activity will underpin the development of long-term collaborations.

London and Paris are quintessential ‘global cities’. 

Both cities face common challenges and are characterised by mobility flows of people, capital, goods and ideas. 

Paris and London are spaces for social, economic, technological, cultural and policy innovations, and progressive political projects. Only two hours on the Eurostar, both cities are “faraway so close”, “si loin, si proche”. 

Key contacts

Academic Director for Paris (2019 - 2022)
Claire Colomb

Professor Claire Colomb
The Bartlett School of Planning 


Programme Manager

Bryan Taylor
UCL Global Engagement Office