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The first city which launched with the programme in 2018 and is now a hub of activity.

The Cities partnerships Programme launched in Rome in November 2018. 

More than 50 years after the Treaty of Rome, the Italian capital remains a powerful symbol of European unity and its challenges.

UCL has a strong record of collaborations in Rome with high-ranking universities and other prestigious partners, and a growing network of colleagues with an interest in activity in the region.

So far, the programme has funded:

  • 47 projects 
  • across all 11 Faculties
  • working with 35 different institutional partners in and around Rome. 
  • 80+ academic-led events in Rome and London, including workshops, conferences, summer schools, exhibitions, exchanges, experiments, publications and public engagement events. 

This work has already led to new agreements with major institutions in Rome, providing exciting opportunities for UCL’s staff and students.

Key contacts

Academic Director for Rome (2018 - 2021)
Florian Mussgnug

Professor Florian Mussgnug
School of European Languages, Culture and Society


Programme Manager

Bryan Taylor
UCL Global Engagement Office