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UCL-Stockholm University: A joint programme on ageing, work, and the life after COVID

A series of webinars aimed at showcasing research finding on the social impact of COVID. Part of the Cities partnership Programme.

23 September 2022

EPH is a multidisciplinary research department with a world-leading reputation in life course studies and health inequalities research. The Stress Research Institute (SRI) is an interdisciplinary research centre in Sweden focusing on working conditions, stress, sleep and health and initiated several occupational cohort studies. 

UCL’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health (SPH) and SRI have significant real-world impact, informing policy and practice worldwide. This programme will bring together researchers from both countries to share their research findings and will provide excellent opportunities to develop and extend networks with international researchers working on ageing and work. It will also discuss the new challenges and opportunities of COVID and exchange our views on how to respond to these.

Eight webinars will be held to showcase the research findings of the two research institutes and stimulate knowledge exchange. Four speakers from UCL and four speakers from Stockholm University will be invited. The topics of the webinars will cover ageing, working, and the challenges and changes (e.g. homeworking) since the COVID pandemic. All the webinars will be recorded and will be shared with the mailing lists of the two research institutes.

Another aim of this programme is to develop a grant proposal involving researchers from both research institutes.


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