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The Soundscapes and Lightscapes of Colosseum

Researching the influence of soundscapes and lightscapes on cultural heritage perception: the case study of the archaeological area of the Colosseum Part of the Cities partnership Programme.

15 September 2022

This project is a collaboration between the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, and the Department of Architecture and the Department of Engineering of University of Roma Tre.

The aim is to work on a methodological approach to evaluate the influence that different sound environments combined with lit environments can induce on people’s perception of cultural heritage sites. The case study for this pilot will be the external areas of the Colosseum and Fori Imperiali sites in Rome. For this purpose, a soundwalk and lightwalk together with experimental measurement campaigns will be organised on-site with MSc students from the Department of Architecture in Rome.

In preparation for this, a joint UCL-Roma Tre webinar will be conducted online with academics and students to work on the data collection protocols, and after the data analysis has been completed, there will be a final online event to present the results of the study, with invited speakers from industry and professional bodies in UK and Italy. We aim to make the recordings of these events available via podcasts and research group YouTube channels.


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