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NOUS: Nordic Studies UCL-Sorbonne Research Hub and Summer School

A summer school project to strengthen the ties between UCL's and Sorbonne's Scandinavian Studies programmes. Part of the Cities partnership Programme.

15 September 2022

NOUS: Nordic Studies UCL-Sorbonne is an exploratory programme set up to strengthen the ties between Scandinavian Studies programmes at UCL and Sorbonne within the areas of research, teaching and engagements with communities in the cities we inhabit.

Beyond the creation of a Nordic Studies research hub, the aim of NOUS is to conceptualise, plan and run a three-day research-student “Winter School” in Paris co-taught by UCL and Sorbonne academic staff. The content of the programme will be based on our research specialisms in “Borealist Imaginations” (Sorbonne) and “Creative Nordics” (UCL), and will explore how we can use the cities of Paris and London for site-specific learning about European perceptions of Nordic societies and cultures. 


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