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Day in My Life as a GBSH Student: Sachi Bhutani

16 November 2022

MSc Global Healthcare Management (Analytics route) student Sachi Bhutani shares a typical day in the life as a GBSH student.

Sachi day in the life

Day in my life as a GBSH student! 

Hello, there, I’m Sachi and today I will give you a glimpse into my life as an MSc Global Healthcare (analytics route) at the UCL Global Business School for Health. 

8 am - I try to wake up between 7-8 am to give myself plenty of time to be prepared for the day without rushing. 

9 am - I get breakfast in the kitchen of my flat where I catch up with my flatmates and we start our days with some nice breakfast and just chill and chat. Since we are such a diverse group, it is a great way to try different cuisines early in the morning!

10 am - The luxury of staying at One Pool Street is that the campus is right below my accommodation! So, I head to one of the many study spaces with a friend to study and get some work done. I use this time to sort out my schedule and watch the lectures or finish the reading materials before the tutorials. 

12:30 pm - I usually grab lunch at the Pool Street Café with my friends or go out to explore some of the many options around UCL East for a delicious and budget-friendly lunch. UCL East is right next to Westfield Stratford, so the choices are endless. 

1 pm - I head to the Cinema Auditorium for the journal club where some of us present papers and have discussions around health informatics and machine learning in healthcare. 

Pool Street Cinema

2 pm - My classmates and I grab a quick coffee and snack before the next lecture.

2:30 pm - We go to the study spaces for our lectures delivered by our programme leads or industry experts. Sometimes this time is used for workshops as well, which I really enjoy. This week the workshop is ‘Corporate Leadership in Healthcare Delivery’ by Dr. Natalie Pankova.

4 pm - After the lecture finishes, my friends and I spend some time talking over a cup of tea or coffee depending upon our mood. 

5 pm - I check out any activities happening at the student’s union either at the central campus or at UCL East. I really enjoy Project Fitness classes like yoga or pilates. It is excellent for taking care of your physical health and mental health.

7 pm - I head to my flat to cook dinner and watch some tv to relax and unwind.

8 pm - I wrap up my day by finishing any readings I need to do and then head to bed!

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