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Welcome to the UCL Global Business School for Health

14 August 2021

Professor Nora Ann Colton, Director of the UCL GBSH, shines a light on why we developed the world's first business school dedicated to health, our vision, ambition and how we hope to engage with you.

Healthcare managers in a boardroom

UCL's Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) is the first business school in the world dedicated to educating tomorrow's healthcare leaders and improving health and healthcare outcomes through business and management education and research.

Inspired by the World Health Organization's goal to "ensure that a billion more people have universal health coverage, to protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with better health and wellbeing," now is the time to reimagine the global health economy, address the acute leadership and management deficit in global healthcare, and define the fiscal, civic and clinical structures needed to support universal healthcare approaches across the world.
Three points illustrate just what has shaped our thinking about developing a business school for health at UCL, as well as the education and research activities we plan to embed at the UCL GBSH over the next few years.

Firstly, Covid-19 has crystalized the disconnect between the global demand for healthcare services and the supply of health professionals. We hear the concern and worry that we cannot continue as business as usual when it comes to health services. The statistic that by 2030, we could see shortages of health workers by 15 million should be keeping all of us up at night. Our health systems need to be reimagined to recognize the inequities of systems and the resources and power that drive decision-making on the global health agenda.  

This situation leads me to my second point, that the increasing costs for healthcare services driven by increased demand, have to leverage technology alongside our workforces. The global economy spends over 10 percent of its GDP on healthcare surpassing retail and manufacturing. The productivity debate needs to be reimagined with technology and artificial intelligence as complements to our healthcare workforce. Still, we cannot get there unless we can adopt agile systems thinking and embed it effectively. We also need to recognize that where the need is most significant is where the resources are least, so how we create systems that redistribute both workforce and technology for better outcomes for all has to be the top of our agenda.

Lastly, we recognize that healthcare leaders and managers of the future must be comfortable working across diverse sectors and bridging the public-private divide.  The health ecosystems of the future demands partnerships and collaborations at all levels and across all industries.

The UCL Global Business School for Health aims to provide solutions, education, and training for our leaders, managers, and frontline health workforce.

Education, re-education, and new ways of thinking in an agile manner will ensure a healthier society across the globe. UCL GBSH is a professional business school focused on the health and healthcare workforce to get the upskilling, education, and training they need to be effective. We want to create the space for healthcare leaders and managers to begin reimagining the processes, systems, strategies, and policies that will drive tomorrow's innovation.

Our postgraduate degree programmes, research agenda, executive education, and short courses offer cutting-edge thinking from world-leading academics informed by real-world challenges and opportunities. This applied approach to healthcare management and business embraces practitioners as well as scholars.  

I hope you will join us as we set out to make a difference in health and healthcare business and management.

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By Professor Nora Ann Colton, Director of the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH)