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Day in My Life as a GBSH Student: Rida Peerzada

30 November 2022

MSc Global Healthcare Management (Analytics route) student Rida Peerzada shares a typical day in the life as a GBSH student.

Rida sits on a bench

Day in my life as a GBSH student! 

Hi all, this is Rida and I'm studying the MSc Global Healthcare (analytics route) at the UCL Global Business School for Health. In this blog, I will be sharing a day of my life as a student at the UCL GBSH.

6:45 am - The classic loud alarm goes off, and it's time to get up! I catch a mini 10-15 minute nap before getting up. I am definitely not a morning person. Then I make my bed, freshen up, dress up, make a quick smoothie and off I go.

8:00 am - I rush to catch the tube to get into the UCL East campus! Thankfully, I live on the same tube line as Stratford which makes my commute simple. I usually catch up on my daily readings to make my ride as productive as possible.

8:45 am - I finally reach Stratford station and grab a cup of coffee at Pret on my way to class.

ucl east campus

9:00 am - I arrive at the campus. Today is Economic Evaluation and Health Financing. I make sure I come prepared for the tutorial to be as participative as possible. We had a fun and interactive session with Prof. Simon Combes. This week's activity was to design a board game based on economics in groups. We created Snakes & Ladders Healthcare edition.

11:00 am - That's the end of lectures for the day. I grab a quick snack at Pool Street Cafe and head to the common room with my classmates. We worked on our Journal Club presentation which was due the next day.

Poole Street Building

1:00 pm - Before heading home, I catch up with my friends for 15-20 minutes. Off to home then, since it's not peak hour, I can sit and work on my Machine Learning Assignment during the tube ride.

2:30 pm -  I reach home and heat up my pre-made lunch. It's now time for a power nap!

3:30 pm - There's a knock on my door, and it's my neighbour, as always. We head to the student lounge to unwind and play pool.

5:00 pm - It's time to sit and study. I usually create a weekly timetable for studies in advance so I stay on top of my work. For the next two hours, I brush up on past lectures and readings and make sure I stay off social media for at least two hours.

Laptop and water bottle

7:00 pm - Staying true to my New Year's resolution, I roll out my yoga mat and start working out. My routine usually involves mild core and leg exercises and stretching.

8:00 pm - It's dinner time, the one meal of the day I make fresh. Today I made the classic Indian Dal Fry with my sous chef on Youtube. Post-dinner, I do the dishes, clean up my room, and do my night skincare routine while playing music on my speakers. I find this time of the day the most relaxing and allows me to fully unwind.

10:30 pm - After a productive day, it's time to go to bed so I get a good rest for the next exciting day!

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