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Find out more about the kinds of projects run by the Extreme Citizen Science Research Centre.

Current Projects

ActEarly (2019-2024)

ExCiteS is a partner in this £6.5 million, 5-year UKPRP award which aims to improve the life chances of children by focusing on improving the environments that influence their health

Extreme Citizen Science: Analysis and Visualisation (2016-2022)

Extreme Citizen Science: Analysis and Visualisation (ECSAnVis) is a five-years,2.5M project funded by the European Research Council

TIME4CS (2021-2023)

ExCiteS is working with the UCL Library Services as a collaborator in this 3-year, €1.5M H2020 project TIME4CS aims at supporting and facilitating the implementation of sustainable Institutional Changes in Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) to promote Public Engagement (citizens and citizens associations) and Citizen Science in science and technology.

EU-citizen.science (2019-2021)

The EU-Citizen.Science platform aims to become the reference point for citizen science through cross-network knowledge sharing for citizen science participants, practitioners, researchers, policy makers and society across Europe.

NC4EE (2019-2022)

ExCiteS is a partner in this £1.3 million NERC award, led by Reading University. The project aims to re-evaluate the impacts of environmental science from a community perspective with the aim of using these insights to inform the UK’s research agenda.

HEIDI (2021-2023)

ExCiteS leads this 2-year Erasmus+ project aimed at repositioning universities more centrally, as co-creators of knowledge, for social change. This is in response to the traditional models of knowledge creation and dissemination being increasingly challenged by bottom-up, community-driven action. Project priorities include innovative digital action, fostering civic engagement, and tackling skills gaps and mismatches.

An ambitious programme of work will develop the skills of university staff and students and create frameworks for civic engagement between universities and voluntary sector and civic society organisations.


ExCiteS leads this 6-month GCRF-funded project investigating the efficacy of using Sapelli and Community Maps to support sustainable farming in Nigeria.  We are partnering with EERC and Mapping for Change

Past Projects