UCL Department of Geography


Challenging RISK: Achieving Resilience by Integrating Societal and Technical Knowledge

Challenging RISK is concerned with socially integrated mitigation of multiple structural risks in the urban environment.

It aims to produce new knowledge on the performance of existing reinforced concrete (RC) structures subjected to earthquake and fire hazards and to develop an integrated framework for performance-based assessment and structural mitigation.

The proposed technical engineering solutions will be developed by accounting for the social context within which they are to be enacted. Part of the project focuses on community engagement through the use of citizen science techniques and the provision of tailored monitoring and data analysis tools to define "acceptable" performances, inform the technical programme of work and the means for effective implementation of mitigation strategies for multiple risks.

Thus challenging RISK, aims amongst others, to suggest community-centric learning about risk and resilience, and an understanding of how models, outcomes of research, guidelines and regulations fit within the needs and abilities of different communities.