ICECUP 3.1 has been released. ICECUP 3.1.1 is available as a new Release Candidate 2 for 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows.

A sampler for ICE-GB Release 2 and ICECUP 3.1 is available from this page.

N.B. All 'patch' downloads are compatible with ICE-GB Release 2 and DCPSE, but not ICE-GB Release 1. To use the latest software you will need the recent corpus (see also the license and upgrade prices).

Downloads:  Sample Corpus  Sound
NEW  ICECUP 3.1.1 Win32 RC2  Gamma update  Getting Started
 ICECUP IV β  Getting Started with ICECUP IV

ICE-GB R2 Sample corpus
+ ICECUP 3.1.

A 'ready-to-run' package containing ten texts from ICE-GB Release 2, software, indexes and revised help files.

Tip: If the installer will not run, try installing the Win32 Release Candidate 2 sample corpus package.

More information

By downloading the sampler you are agreeing to our standard terms and conditions (in summary: don't breach our copyright or those of our contributors).

Date of release zip exe expanded
19 July 2006 3.32MB 3.39MB ~10MB

How to install

Use the stand-alone executable ('exe') version if you have problems with 'zip' files. Windows ME, XP etc have zip support built into Windows.

  • When downloading, click Open. The executable will create a set of files in a temporary directory.
  • Run the Install program in the temporary directory. This will install all necessary files in two directories, one for the corpus and one for the software. You may change these from the default settings. Note that by default it creates a directory called c:\ICE and places the corpus in a subdirectory of ICE.
  • The install process creates entries in the Start Menu in a subfolder called 'ICE Corpora'.
  • When the install process finishes ICECUP will start.
  • NB. If you have problems installing, try pressing Start! instead. This will run ICECUP from the current location. Full instructions on installing the program are given in the supplied Help file in the package.

With the compressed zip file version you can either expand into a temporary directory as above, or, with many modern zip programs, simply install directly.

How to uninstall
To remove the software, delete the two directories you installed the software into, and remove entries from the ICE Corpora subfolder. You do not need to do anything else.

Sample Sound

Add sound to the ICE-GB sampler by downloading and installing these files. This package contains the sound for the 5 spoken texts of the ICE-GB sampler plus alignment files.

Note that these files are very large and downloading may take some time!

Date of release zip exe expanded
1 August 2006 94.04MB 94.11MB ~100MB

How to install

First, download the ICE-GB sample corpus and extract the files to a temporary directory.

Then download the Sample Sound files and extract them to the same temporary directory. Files will be placed within the "ice-gb-s" subdirectory. Say yes if asked whether you should overwrite files.

Then run "install.exe" to install the software as above. The installer detects the audio files and installs them.

γ ICECUP 3.1.1 Win32 RC2
(pre-release version for most versions of Windows)

The software should run on 32 and 64bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. (It is not compatible with ICE-GB Release 1.)

Release candidate status

  • The package is currently distributed as a Release Candidate for beta testing.
  • We have not officially released this program for research purposes at the present time. As researchers, we are professionally cautious!
  • It has passed internal testing and has been used at UCL on college servers for a whole term. If you have bug reports, please email the author, Sean Wallis, describing the problem as best you can.

Release Candidate 2 contains

  • a revised online Help file for ICECUP 3.1.1 converted to HtmlHelp format.
  • an alternative XP version of ICECUP for backwards compatibility.

This version, ICECUP 3.1.1, includes improvements in FTFs for intelligently searching co-ordinated elements.

The patch package is for people who already have ICE-GB R2 or DCPSE. It contains the minimum set of files that you will need to use the new version of ICECUP with your existing corpus.

Date of release zip exe expanded
14 July 2017 3.71MB 3.83MB 4.4MB

RC2 is also available with the ICE-GB sample corpus.

The sample corpus package is for people who simply want to try the software.

Date of release zip exe expanded
14 July 2017 4.66MB 4.77MB 8MB

Either way the instructions are essentially the same.

How to install (short version)

Download the zip file and open it. You should see a number of files. If your computer does not handle zip files well, or if you prefer, you can download the self-extracting 'exe' version. Note that these packages do not include an installer program, so you will have to install the software manually. The good news is that this is not particularly difficult!

  • If you are installing the patch, you need to first identify where your existing corpus has been installed. Simply copy the files into the same location as your current copy of ICECUP 3.1. Since they have different file names, you won't overwrite anything - except the button definition file (this was updated with the 16bit gamma release of ICECUP 3.1 in 2007).
  • If you are installing the sample corpus, we recommend you simply install all the files under a base directory such as "C:\ICE".

Test the installation and clean up.

  • Try running "ICECUP 3.exe" in that directory. If you are not using Windows XP, then run "ICECUP 3-notXP.exe" instead.
  • To clean up after the installation, you should delete the version of ICECUP that you don't need!

If you are stuck at any point, or you have difficulty in getting the help file to open from ICECUP, see the detailed guide below.

How to install (long version)

Installation notes – ICECUP, ICE-GB and DCPSE (PDF)

γ Gamma patch
(recommended for 32bit Windows XP)

You can download the last (post-release) 16bit version of ICECUP 3.1 by downloading and installing these files. This release includes a number of user interface enhancements over the version on the CD derived from the next generation tools research. Again, this is not compatible with ICE-GB Release 1.

Date of release zip exe expanded
16 October 2009 521KB 589KB 1.4MB

How to install

The package contains two files - the ICECUP program and the button definition file in the 'icedata' subdirectory. To install, simply locate the existing versions and copy these files over.

Beta release notes
ICECUP 3.1 Help
(Windows Help).
October 2008 - with γ updates

Full help for ICECUP 3.1. Includes gamma revisions since release.

Date of release zip exe expanded
October 2008 1.73MB 1.79MB 2.1MB

Windows Vista note:
This type of "Win32hlp" help file is blocked by Vista by default. Microsoft has 'helpfully' ceased to support its own previous Help system in Windows Vista and you will receive a pop-up warning message. You can make it accessible by following the instructions provided in Vista. (Microsoft Article)

Note you can now also download the ICECUP 3.1.1 Help in HtmlHelp format. Simply download a Release Candidate zip file above and extract the file.

Getting Started manual
Beta release notes
Getting Started: Second Edition
July 2006

Second edition of the Getting Started booklet, updated for ICECUP 3.1, DCPSE and ICE-GB. This is a printable file which is also included in the integrated on-line help.

Get Adobe Reader
To read and print this file you will need a copy of the Adobe Reader software which you can download from the Adobe website.

ICECUP IV β patch

If you have a copy of the ICE-GB R 2 corpus you can now download the beta of ICECUP IV by downloading and installing these files. This beta release is the result of the next generation tools research. A full release of ICECUP IV is planned for this summer.

Date of release zip exe expanded
10 June 2008 605KB 673KB 1.7MB

Alternatively, go to the ICECUP IV download page to download an ICE-GB sample corpus package containing ICECUP IV.

How to install
Follow the instructions (above) to install the sample corpus. Then install ICECUP IV. You can set up a program short-cut or menu item yourself.

The package contains two files - the ICECUP4 program and the button definition file in the 'icedata' subdirectory. Install ICECUP IV in the same location as ICECUP 3.1. ICECUP IV is compatible with ICE-GB R2.

Beta release notes
Getting Started with ICECUP IV
New version 4.01
June 2008

Getting Started guide to ICECUP IV and companion to the ICECUP IV β. Includes notes about the current release (above).

This is a printable file which is also included in the integrated on-line help.

Get Adobe Reader
To read and print this file you will need a copy of the Adobe Reader software which you can download from the Adobe website.

Our beta programme continues for the Next Generations Tools Project. We invite linguists to contribute to the development of cutting-edge corpus linguistics tools by participating in this beta programme. Click here to register by email.

64bit note: The official release of ICECUP 3.1 is a 16bit program (as is its installer), and has run successfully on PCs running anything from Windows 3.1 to 7. It runs fine on 32bit Windows 7 on 64bit hardware.

A new 32bit Release Candidate of ICECUP 3.1.1 is now available as a γ patch. This should be compatible with 64bit Windows from Windows XP to 10, but is provided without an installer.

Sample Corpora also available for download:

  1. ICE-GB Release 1 and ICECUP 3.0 (superseded).
  2. DCPSE Release 1 and ICECUP 3.1.

To participate in the beta reviewing programme, please click here. You will be notified as new versions are posted on the website.

To send bug reports, comments etc, please click here.

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