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The ICE-GB R2 Sample Corpus is available for download NOW.

It comes complete with 10 texts selected by Gerry Nelson from the ICE-GB Corpus, and the state-of-the-art ICECUP 3.1 software written by Sean Wallis.

The Sample Corpus comes in two flavours:

  • The Text sampler equivalent to the old 'complete' sampler.
  • The Text+Audio sampler.


  • Ten texts (over 20,000 words), fully parsed and annotated, exactly as they are in ICE-GB.
  • The latest release of ICECUP 3.1. This is a full working version of the software (see below) complete with help.
  • Example Fuzzy Tree Fragments.
  • Option: Audio for the 5 spoken texts.

The sample contains the following ten texts, shown in the last column. You can view these texts and their classification when you download and install the software. The complete ICE structure is visible from ICECUP’s Corpus Map.

Spoken Texts (300) Dialogues (180) Private (100)

face-to-face conversations (90)
phonecalls (10)

Public (80)

classroom lessons (20)
broadcast discussions (20)
broadcast interviews (10)
parliamentary debates (10)
legal cross-examinations (10)
business transactions (10)

Monologues (100) Unscripted (70)

spontaneous commentaries (20)
unscripted speeches (30)
demonstrations (10)
legal presentations (10)

Scripted (30) broadcast talks (20)
non-broadcast speeches (10)
Mixed (20) broadcast news (20)
Written Texts (200) Non-printed (50) Non-professional writing (20) untimed student essays (10)
student examination scripts (10)
Correspondence (30) social letters (15)
business letters (15)
Printed (150) Academic writing (40) humanities (10)
social sciences (10)
natural sciences (10)
technology (10)
Non-academic writing (40) humanities (10)
social sciences (10)
natural sciences (10)
technology (10)
Reportage (20) press news reports (20) W2C-009
Instructional writing (20) administrative / regulatory (10)
skills / hobbies (10)
Persuasive writing (10) press editorials (10)  
Creative writing (20) novels / stories (20)  


Release 2 of ICE-GB is supplied on CD-ROM. ICE-GB contains five hundred texts of spoken and written contemporary British English. To obtain the other 490 texts, you must order the CD-ROM. If you want to do this, click here.


ICECUP runs on PCs under Windows 3.1 and above. It has been tested exhaustively on Windows 3.1, 95+ and XP. Owing to the nature of the program, we recommend a fast processor and a fast hard disk, although these are not essential. ICECUP will run on any stand-alone or networked PC from a 386 running Windows 3.1 with 32MB upwards.

Sampler system requirements

There are two install packages, with hard disk capacity requirements as follows:

Process Text Audio
To download: 3.5Mb 96Mb
To install: 21Mb 210Mb
To run: 8.1Mb 104Mb

We have tested the software extensively on platforms that we have access to, and we have witnessed it working OK on others. The most up-to-date list is shown below.

Software platform Status
Windows 3.1/WfW3.11 Regularly tested
Windows 95/98/ME Heavily tested
Windows NT4/WTS/2000/XP Heavily tested
Windows Vista Program tested OK
Known problem with Help file
OS/2 Not tested
Mac/PPC Windows emulator Tested OK

Feedback: Please tell us if you try to run ICECUP on platforms other than PCs running Windows 95/98/ME or Windows 3.1. We want to know about your software problems, to help you and other end users. Since we are supplying software free, and “as is” (see the licence agreement) with a Sample Corpus taken from ICE-GB, we think that it is only fair that you give us some feedback.

If ICECUP runs brilliantly on Windows Vista or crashes dismally on an Intel Mac, tell us. Email us at the Survey ( so that (a) we can try to solve any outstanding problems, and (b) tell others about them.

System requirements for the ICE-GB corpus (CD-ROM)

These differ from the above only in terms of hard disk space. You need 96Mb to install the entire corpus. Note that you can also run searches off the CD without installing anything.

The software is identical to that supplied with the sample corpus. You can therefore ‘try before you buy’. If in doubt, install the sample corpus and software before ordering the CD.



Yes. ICECUP 3.1 is simply the latest release of the software. The Next Generation Tools project will develop more software primarily focused on linguistic experimentation, on this platform.


The ICECUP 3.1 help file provides extensive guidance on installing ICECUP and the corpus. It includes a "How do I?" section addressing many common questions and a complete grammar reference.

The Resources section of this website has sections on Fuzzy Tree Fragments and an explanation of carrying out experiments with parsed corpora.

If you want to ask a question of the author you can email Sean Wallis directly. To join the ICECUP beta programme click here.

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