UCL Department of Economics


ECON1009 - An Introduction to Economic Thinking

Term 2


This module introduces students in the first year to thinking like an economist. Students will be encouraged to read and write critically, and to give presentations in front of their peers. This means going beyond the mathematical tools developed in the other first year courses and developing a deeper understanding of the basic principles of economics and their applications. In particular, students will learn how to use important concepts like opportunity costs or compensating differentials in the context of everyday events rather than just in a numerical problem-solving setting. Students will gain experience in writing like an economist, presenting their work, and working in teams to analyse real world problems.

Taught by:
Parama Chaudhury
Assessment: By (i) in-lecture quizzes, (ii) 1 hour multiple choice exam at the end of Term 2 and (iii) 1 hour unseen written exam at the usual time in Term 3.
Suitable for:
First year students (those taking ECON1001 concurrently)
STaking ECON1001 concurrently.
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